Google Pay -> Monzo : transaction missing from Google Pay history

I’ve added my Monzo card to my Google Pay account, so each time I use Google Pay I get two notifications.

Except on one purchase at Tesco this morning. The transaction went through, and triggered the Monzo app notification but as far as Google Pay is concerned it’s as if the transaction didn’t happen. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there some way of forcing the Monzo app to show which transactions were done via Google Pay via vs the Monzo card directly? It’s not a problem at the moment, just curious. I’m sure I didn’t use the card and forget. I no longer have the receipt.

I use Google Pay for 99% of my transactions and I’ve never had this. I assume you’re checking your transaction history on your phone via the Google Pay app and not online?

To answer your other question:

Not that I’m aware of. I’ve just had a quick look and I couldn’t see an identifier to indicate it was a Google Pay transaction.

Yes, checking in the app. I checked online too but there’s nothing there. (The fact there’s nothing there makes me scared to use Google Pay for anything other than bananas and coffee as I’m concerned that, in the event lose/factory reset my phone I’ll struggle to get a refund as the receipt will show a different card number to the monzo one, and what’s the say that the replacement install of Google Pay will give me the same virtual card number.)

Yesterday I bought some shoes as Asics and although Monzo shows as Asics the store name comes up in Google Pay as a 4 digit number.

I’ll continue to use Google Pay (at Tesco) and will make sure the keep the receipt next time. Having more info about the origin of Monzo card transactions would be useful. Is it possible to somehow use an app to “directly” use a monzo card using my phone’s NFC?

I have no idea how returns are handled if the card numbers don’t match.

I usually get both - a notification from Monzo and a GPay notification too, but that’s because I’ve got ‘Purchases’ set to ‘ON’ in GPay>Settings>Notifications.

Yes, same here. Less than 5 mins later I bought coffee at Starbucks and that transaction had the usual double-notification.

It sounds strange… Perhaps this is one to flag up with Google if you’re certain that you used Google Pay?

If Monzo are showing it then it has obviously gone through :slight_smile:

It definitely went through - i’ve already eaten the bananas and I’m not a banana thief!

I’ve reported it to Google. so I’m sure a relevant, non-stock response can be only seconds away…

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Haha I’m glad to hear! :laughing:

Google support is pretty good to be honest. Granted I’ve never spoken to their payment team but it’s usually quite quick with a thorough reply.

I’ve returned stuff to supermarkets where I’ve used Apple Pay with no dramas. It feels odd when you do it, but it works fine.

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But was that the same scenario I describe? I can imagine it working fine if you still have Apple Pay on your phone, but if you have a receipt for a card number ending xxxx1234 because your Apply Pay virtual mastercard ends xxxx1234 but it’s linked to your monzo card ending xxxx5678 and you wander in with your “xxxx1234” receipt and your “xxxx5678” monzo card saying “the numbers don’t match because my phone got stolen but believe me it’s the same card but with a different number” I’m not confident it’ll be fine.

Same scenario, though, if your card gets stolen, isn’t it? You’ll have a new card with a different number.

And it doesn’t always happen. I’ve occasionally received cash for a return on a card transaction.

Exactly! :grin:

I’ve got a few friends who have worked in retail, there’s no technical limitation for refunding money to a different card :grin: it’s normally just a store policy (a sensible one).

I guess it’s partially to prevent you finding a random receipt, picking up an item from a shelf and returning it for a free refund :sweat_smile:

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It just happened again. Same branch, phone etc. I’m keeping the receipt this time. Google replied to my previous request for help:

I see that you are unable to view the transaction.

In regards to the Google Pay transaction that you’ve mentioned, I’d like to inform you that we will not be able to view the transaction status because of privacy and security reasons, Google Pay app was designed to secure all the information; due to which the transactions made through the Google Pay app can only be viewed by the card issuer (bank).

Google Pay app just acts as a payment platform on your device to make transactions. We won’t have the visibility on any Google Pay (Tap and Pay) transaction declined or refunds. Each card issuer decides how many past transactions appear in the Google Pay app for each of its cards, and how far back in time the activity list goes. To see a complete list of all your transactions made with a specific card, please see your card billing statements.

Generally we advise our users to either get in touch with the bank or the merchant for the . I would request you to check your bank statement for more information.

Which is not helpful. I can’t believe they don’t know which transactions they’ve processed (passed on to Monzo). I’m not after the current state, I just want to know why all the transactions I’ve used Google Pay for are visible except for those performed at Tesco.

Interesting, I think @rika is the payments expert maybe she can help or has seen this before.

Hmmm. My email exchange with Google about this situation has been as pointless as I’ve previously encountered, so I can only assume you’re lucky (or i’m unlucky) - please provide me with some random numbers for this friday’s Euromillions lottery!

The TL;DR version:

Me: “why aren’t tesco’s transactions showing on google pay but every other one is?”

Google: “we can’t tell you transaction status because of privacy and security reasons. Google pay app was designed to secure all the information; due to which the transactions made through google pay can only be viewed by the card issuer”

me: “I’m not asking for that; just why it’s missing”
me: (later) “it just happened again. attached is the receipt”

google: “I looked into your account and can see the transaction is made with google pay. The two recent transactions went through” (so they can see transaction status then! And one of the two tesco transactions has appeared on my app)

me: (yesterday) “so…that’s a bug then? Why would some appear and others not appear? I’m concerned that a transaction is successful but the retailer claims it failed and i get asked to try again and I have no proof it was successful”.

The next day (this morning) a purchase via google pay didn’t succeed straight away so i had to try again. Google support, not realising my previous question was a hypothetical one pointing out that it’s a reasonably significant bug, and ignoring the time line, believed i was talking about this actual transaction

google: “we will only be able to see few (sic) transactions due to security reasons…to answer your question about the failure (sic) transaction i see there was a recent transaction which was cancelled…” (so they can see status)"…also I see that the transactions made at tesco are still in pending state (so they can see status).

Why can they even see the state? That’s a monzo card I’ve linked to and they’re not showing as pending to me?

Still puzzled as to why one of the two tesco purchases is still missing - it’s as if someone’s manually added it or something. What’s special about tesco?

I think there are some limitations to it, due to Money Laundering considerations (or similar) as well.