international payment

If I request money using my link from someone in the US would the payment get converted and sent over or would it be best just to use Transferwise?

Ideally, I would prefer to use my link if possible.

I’ve tested this. Your US friend would pay you in £ and that amount will be deducted from their card in their own currency. Their bank may charge them fees for making a transaction in another currency though.

It was such a slick experience when they had Apple Pay integration. My friend in New York was able to send me money instantly to my bank using Apple Pay, with no fees. That made them excited about Monzo launching in the US too.

Does Apple handle currency exchange?

I’ve always thought currency exchange and fees are controlled by the underlying bank/card.

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As far as I know that was handled by their bank. Their account didn’t charge any fees for currency conversion and their card was just debited for the amount they sent converted to dollars.

I mention Apple Pay being slick, because with it they just tap a button and scan their face. Now they would have to input their details manually. Not as slick.

It’s still the best way to receive small amounts from friends in other countries, as it’s instant, which is not usually the case with bank transfers across boarders. And on their end it’s just treated like any other online payment of goods or services, so unless their bank charges for spending in other currencies, no fees.


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