Fees for International receipts

If I was to receive a payment into my Monzo account from Mexico (paid is USD) would this attract any charges, or could the payer opt for me to pick up their charges?


You cannot be paid in USD, only GBP.

Try Wise for the transfer.

not 100% true - although at your own risk … I’ve transferred funds in EUR to my account without issue

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Not sure why anyone would risk hacking their own IBAN, when Wise exists.

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So I think that I’ve heard that Monzo have built connections to receive and send money to the European single payments area. But they’ve not announced it or supported it because reasons.

I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is then while EU payments might work if you hack the IBAN, US ones would probably still get lost in the ether.

I’d very much stay away until it’s official, if it were me.

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Likely to incure fees, get rejected and returned.

Try opening wise or revolut and attempt to accept the payment there. Then convert and send to GBP or whatever you wish.

You do get account, ACH and wire numbers in Revolut when you open a USD account, and can then potential transfer to GBP from USD there but I’ve no idea if charges are applied and/or if the rate is viable to do so against say Wise etc.

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