International Drivers Permit at the post office

So I’ve just come to a last-minute realisation that I need an International Drivers Permit to drive in Canda, I am off to Vancouver on Friday and I can get this IDP at the post office, I am planning to head there tomorrow but does anyone know how long it takes for the IDP to be issued? I really hope it’s an instant thing which they give to you at the post office itself?

It’s same day as long as you have all the documentation and it’s a larger post office

Is the idp required by car hire company as your uk license should do fine

Branch finder on this link

Well I’ve looked on the site and post office search and they recommend getting the IDP, as long as it’s the same day then I think that should be fine, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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I got it done in front of me at a medium-sized London Post Office by somebody who was very enthusiastic with rubber stamps - they have blank booklets ready there and just need to attach your photo and stamp the bejeezus out of it - nothing has to be sent off or “processed” - it’s very manual!


You’ll probably be fine without it usually. But it’s good to have.