Royal Mail - proof of id

I missed my parcel last week. Yesterday I went to my local depot to receive my parcel. I checked their website what types of ID they accept - credit/debit card …
They refused to accept my Monzo card as ID… even branch Manager…”This is not a bank card”

Raise a complaint with Royal Mail


I’d send a complaint into Royal Mail, the website says ‘credit or debit card’, with no other restrictions, so it shouldn’t even matter if Monzo are a ‘proper bank’ (which they are anyway but it invalidates their argument).


Did they think you cobbled it together yourself to hoodwink the royal mail into giving you a specific parcel?


It really annoys me that you need ‘ID’ at all.

If you have the card, you would have had the parcel had you been in, and not been asked for ID. So what’s the difference?! Does my head in.


I assume it was one of the cards with your name on and not “Monzo Bank”?

They clearly believe that you’ve arranged for a parcel to be delivered to an address where you know no-one will be in. You’ve then waited for the delivery to be attempted, broken in and picked the card up, made a dodgy debit card, and tried to con the Royal Mail to hand it over.

I hope the parcel was worth it :joy:


My daughter (aged 2) was sent something and we weren’t in so got one of these slips. We took the slip to Royal Mail and was told to get her birth certificate as she needed proof.


The system Royal Mail has is so absurd. They also won’t deliver AT ALL if the card gets lost or wasn’t actually dropped off… No matter how much ID you present.

Update - I was wrong (slightly), they won’t give it to you if you lose the card or weren’t actually given it; but they will make a redelivery attempt.


I usually have my license on me but that day I didn’t and the guy said I can show a bank card if I have one and I’ve shown him my monzo card and he said it’s shiny can’t miss it and gave me my parcel no problem

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@anon98360489, what depot was it? Perhaps, local fellow Monzo users can lend a hand in raising complaints for that particular depot to help improve things?
Oh the whole, though, it’s sad that complaining gets you further than anything else these days…

I’d do it all publicly on Twitter. Might be more people in this situation.

I’ve used my Monzo card to collect parcels from the sorting office countless times. So it’s definitely not Royal Mail policy, but a badly run depot in your case. :cold_sweat:


I’ve found the system quite odd but in my experience - I went in and told the person I lost the card hoping they’d just give me my parcel which was 2 foot away in a shelf behind her and she said they’d set in the system for it to be re-delivered tomorrow - if I was in - then yay! If not I’d get another card and I’d have to bring that in.


That’s a lot better than my understanding that if you lost the card it would get returned to sender, but still ridiculous…

Royal Mail and the Post Office really are two of our points of national shame (and ParcelForce, which is part of Royal Mail)…

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Oh don’t get me wrong. I’ve taken the card once before and they couldn’t find my parcel, I had to the tell the sender (she was from Etsy and really nice) and she sent out another one. She put a claim in with Royal Mail and got it back and then about 2 weeks later I got a mysterious parcel and it was the missing one!! :S

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I’ve used my Monzo card as ID at the local sorting office before, must have been a “bad egg” behind the counter.

Any opportunity to encourage Royal Mail to educate though has to be a good thing. Hopefully they’ll cascade some info down.

I encourage Royal Mail asking for ID on account of the times the red or grey cards get left on my welcome mat rather than in my letter box :roll_eyes:

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Asking for ID makes sense. It’s requiring the card that is ridiculous.

Yeah. Credit/debit cards aren’t ID, and it’s proper weird that they consider it so.

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