DVLA - converting from provisional to full license with change of address

Hi guys. I would like to ask a quick question. I have finally passed my practical driving test . I have submitted my provisional driving license + D1 form and pass certificate via post to DVLA Swansea. I have sent it to SA991BJ. That was the address mentioned at the back of pass certificate. I saw some online forum mentioning that I should have sent it to SA991BN if needs to change the address before converting to full license. What will happen next ? Will my full license will be delayed ? I hope someone can guide me. I took a photocopy of my license and pass certificate though. image

it won’t be a problem whatever address you sent it to they will change the necessary details however I can say it will take a while to get back your license because Thier changing two details on it, I’m curious how come you didn’t let the examiner send it off for you when you passed they usually asked if your details need updating before you start your test and asked if you want them to send it off for you, I don’t know if things have changed now but that’s what I did when I passed my test a few years ago

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Hi, he said since the address on my license is not the updated address , I have to do it by myself. I had just moved from the old address to new address about a month plus. Thanks for getting back to me buddy. I really appreciate it.

I’d recommend the DVLA website for any future changes, always really fast and easy! (Same with the new passport process!)


I will keep this in my mind . Thanks for the advice

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Everything you need to know / do is on their website:


Nothing. I just fill up the form with new address and send it via post office .

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I am fascinated how seemingly random topics attract new users from time to time. There would be a million better places to ask, but they discussed this forum and decided to post. I wonder why?

And also ask twice more, straight after an article that allows them to do it online in minutes.

so i have the same issue, did you just send off the provisional, pass certificate and d1? did you have to send any ID like passport or birth certificate? thank you

This should answer all your queries: