Correct Document Country


Setting up a new account on the phone using the app.

Gone through everything and at the validation point we hit please use correct document country,

We are living in the UK and have a house but pay no tax abroad. We are using a German driving license for verification,

We have tried removing the app and starting again from fresh but always comes up with the same message.

We cannot take a step back in the process as it sticks on this validation page.

Anyone know of something we can do to correct this?


Paul and Alex.

Normally I would revert to in app chat.

But you seem to be using a German driving license so you need to put it under German and not United Kingdom.


thanks, we cannot seem to go back any steps, sticking on validation.

Can you try reinstalling the app please?

Done that too and still the same. :slight_smile:

Can we take an email please and we can have a look.
Pm me it please.

Hi Rachel, many thanks.



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Hi Rachel, i hope this is a PM, I havent a clue (almost 50) lol
email address is

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