Pulse graph balance issues

I am seeing different balances in the pulse graph to the daily transactions. I can try and work out and post the exact scenario but wanted to check are Monzo aware of any issues with this (up to £1k out of sync🤷🏻‍♂️)

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Hey Frank, we’re not aware of any pulse graph issues. Would you mind contacting support directly with a description of the issue so we can look into it for you? :blush:

Will work it out when I get back home and update.

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Okay high level it looks like it’s to do with transfers into and out of pots.

21st £495 end of day
22nd £50 out of and £50 into pots
22nd current balance £455

Okay first screen shows what I believe to be the end of day 21 Jan balance

And the second screen shows the current balance which is £40 less. But only £20 has actually debited

I could be missing something obvious but it feels wrong to me. :man_shrugging:t2:

FYI I am speaking in app about this issue. It may be the pulse amount is not updating inline with the daily balance or possibly not updating per transaction highlighted as I believe it used to in the past.

Investigations ongoing.

Update from the cops after investigating:

I’ve just heard back from a colleague and the way it works is that the pulse graph takes 3 data points per day which is why it doesn’t match up to a particular transaction - let me know if this makes sense? I’m so sorry for all for all the confusion caused - we’ll work on improving this in the future.

I have mentioned the fact that as a result the pulse is giving misleading information and makes it hard to reconcile transactions and end of data balances.

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