Transaction history of deleted pots

I have a couple of pots that I want to empty in order to use the funds (my tax bill). If I delete them, will I ever be able to access the pot history and in particular interest accrued?

In the immediate term, I think I will withdraw all but £10 so I can keep my history but it would be nice to know what would happen if I did delete them so I can chose to do this in future as it is a bit tidier for me.

When I’ve deleted pots in the past, all related history was lost. I also created a new pot and named it the same as a previously deleted pot and no history was pulled through.

Each pot has a unique identifier (shown in online banking in the format; ‘pot_00009dcarOy2VWkAbdY***’) so because each pot is unique - almost like a sub-account - the history is also specific to the pot UID.

Thanks for your response. It would be nice if this could be fixed. I too had deleted and created pots with the same name last month. I was briefly confused when the interest was deposited in my main account this morning rather than the pot (which also had interest) but then I realised it was the interest accrued in the now-deleted pot of the same name.

To be honest, I can’t remember how many pots I’ve had since they became available whether savings or otherwise. It would be a great feature to have this historical information available.

You can request a certificate of interest from Monzo for the tax year via in app chat. The ability to generate your own is also going through staff testing this now so hopefully this will be out soon as I need one too!

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