Assurant phone insurance

My Samsung Galaxy was fixed in Jan 2023 by this company. I received the phone and it was working fine until the last few weeks. The phone screen was intermittently switching on and off and the phone was overheating.
I took it to my Samsung repair centre. I was horrified when I got the report of the phone and they refused to repair the phone.
The repair by Assurant used the wrong screws, camera lens were scratched, components not secured properly, battery faulty, glue around the phone.
Verry shabby workmanship.

Rightly or wrongly, that is what happens when the cheapest possible insurer is used (in this case, as part of a packaged account). I wouldn’t trust anyone apart from Apple to repair my phone. I don’t know what it is like on the Android side - do the individual manufactures offer their own protection plans?

Have you contacted Assurant? What do they say about it? In my eyes, they owe you a new phone, but it will be a battle I’m sure!


Assurant is the company behind Samsung Care+ these days (it used to be Allianz) which makes this quite surprising, I’ve heard about them doing bad jobs on repairs for Apple devices but bundled or not I would have assumed they’d do the job properly for a device made by an OEM they have a direct relationship with.

This. So much this. Packaged accounts are good value on the face of it but when your phone is repaired by a complete cowboy you’ll be thinking twice. This is why I’d much prefer a travel/lifestyle package like Amex Plat over an insurance bundle. I’d much rather pick who I trust with these important things.

I don’t think most manufacturers do anything like Apple Care+. Samsung did something for their Folds and Flips in the beginning but not sure if they have changed the offering.

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And here’s me living on the edge with no packaged account or phone insurance anywhere.

Have heard some fairly bad stories over time.

This is exactly why I will always go with Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss.

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I have heard people moaning about them taking a month to sort their claim out - and then people at the insurer saying that’s not so long etc.

It might not be long I’ve no idea, never had to get insurance myself yet. But certainly when we used home :house_with_garden: insurance it was very quick.

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