Possible Bug: No transaction notifications

(Harry Papadopoulos) #1


I recently enabled the summary preview on monzo labs and since then the instant transaction notifications stopped.
I then went back and removed the feature, but still no transaction notifications are coming in.

I tried the usual, close the app, force close the app, even full phone reboot but nothing worked.

I am still not sure if this is something that has to do with my phone or it’s a general issue (Using OnePlus X).
Will keep checking and update if anything changes.


(#savetheseabass) #2

You didn’t say if you’ve checked the toggle switch on settings for notifications is set to on?

(Harry Papadopoulos) #3

Oh yes, that was checked too. It was never turned off though (even when I opted in on the “summary”)

Just checked again (a bit paranoid), still on.

(#savetheseabass) #4

Think you’d be best asking them on chat in the app. It’s not something I’ve noticed being reported on the forum

(Harry Papadopoulos) #5

Thanks, I will. Just went to an ATM and still nothing.

(Tom ) #6

It’s worth a quick uninstall/reinstall cycle to just check that there aren’t any gremlins messing about between iOS and Monzo app.

(Chris Lavender) #7

This is a problem in android.

In Settings > Battery > Battery Optimisation

Mark the Monzo account as “not optimized”.

You may need to repeat this each time the app updates.

(Harry Papadopoulos) #8

Done that too (check battery settings and finally uninstalled and re-installed the app. Still nothing (I guess I have to accept that I don’t have notifications now?)

Next test will be to try to a new phone, but that is not happening for a while.

Thanks for the ideas though :slight_smile: Much appreciated


Have you tried it with a similar app like Starling, to see if you are not getting notifications on either, or if it just a Monzo specific problem?

(Harry Papadopoulos) #10

I don’t have an account there.

Everything else that would give me a notification (not just banking wise), works ok (e.g. whatsapp, mail, games and even including the annoying bbc app notifications).

I am wondering if by enabling the summary somehow messed up that feature and by disabling did it din’t cleanup after itself and that’s why this is happening now.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

There is a link between the Summary functionality & notifications because once you activate Targets (or deactivate them in this instance, by enabling Summary), you’ll receive different notifications. Activating Targets means your notifications tell you whether you’re on track to meet your Targets or not. So it seems possible that, that’s the cause.

At this point I’d recommend contacting the support team via the in-app chat so that they can troubleshoot this, as even if they can’t fix this now, they’ll be able to report the bug & have the engineering team fix it for you :soon:

(Harry Papadopoulos) #12

Thanks :slight_smile: ! I’ve already contacted them and reported that.

I ll wait a couple more days and update the support team again (fixed or not) so they can either close or investigate more if required.

Thank you all for your suggestions and help.


I’d vaguely noticed this too, thanks for linking it to the summary.


I’ve had this issue for a few days as well. Haven’t uninstalled/reinstalled the app but have restarted the phone, checked notification settings on phone and in app etc. Running on Android 8.0.


Working fine on 5.1

(Harry Papadopoulos) #16

Hello again,

I wanted to happily confirm that after 3 uninstall/reinstall attempts, followed by some cleaning on my phone (and all the checks listed above), I now get the notifications again.

I checked on an automatic checkout on a supermarket (Tesco) and it worked (although I may have annoyed some people by paying for every item separately).

I will enable the summary again and if notifications stop when that feature is enabled or even after that, then it could be an actual bug.

Thanks for all the help and tips.