Innovation has slowed and so has support

I am trying to resolve an ongoing issue with a cheque that “bounced” and then suddenly got cashed three and a half months later. Both frustrating and embarrassing.

Meanwhile, I find out the interest certificates don’t print on them what account and/or pot they are related to and they appear linked to other accounts within your Monzo wallet.
A manager has suggested I put this forward as a feature for the future. No acknowledgement that this is verging on a bug
This answer took 9 hours to arrive after talking to multiple people on the support chat.

When companies loose their spark and innovation you hope they find sensible things to fix and improve. Surely if both of these things are falling by the wayside Monzo will struggle to hold onto customers.

It’s sad to see Tom go, I hope he manages to fire his innovation that built Monzo into something new and refreshing. Or just rest.

Removed a level of frustration that made the original post feel inappropriate.


Your title is click bait, designed to illicit a response. If you don’t like the bank then leave. It serves no purpose to put a post and title like that.


Enjoy your new bank :ok_hand:


None of your complains have anything to do with Tom.


Another one! :man_facepalming:

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How come the post was flagged?

Okay, you are all right. It is totally the wrong place to take my frustration out and the title of the post comes from a place of frustration.
Tom leaving is also probably irrelevant.
I am sorry for my inappropriate use of the forum, and thanks for putting me back in my place.

That said I do feel like Monzo’s vision is much weaker and less exciting than it once was. I suppose with speed at which its customers base has grown it must be hard to keep on top of the innovation.

Just feels like their vision is more blurry than it once was.


I could answer that for you but I would probably get flagged :laughing:


I’m guessing because I made a mention of Tom leaving and coupled that with me being less supportive of Monzo.
In reality the technical issues I have encountered have nothing really to do with Tom.

I’m happy to have been corrected but having read the code of conduct I’m not 100% sure it deserved to be officially flagged.

However I stand by my point that Monzo feels like it has lost it’s focus. That could very much be linked to Tom leaving albeit a chicken/egg scenario.

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I understand your frustrations about the certificates. I hope Monzo do take this on board and improve the presentation of this information in future. This is I think a legacy of the pots being developed when Monzo were pursing the Minimum Viable Product approach, and so need to catch up with somer fuller development.

In that respect, one hopes that Monzo ‘losing their spark’ may be a good thing - in that where previously they rushed features out quickly, now they are (and granted, there is a level of assumption here) working on getting features more polished and complete before rolling them out.

I think it’s important to note that Tom left on good terms. And I think it’s also important to note that the early Monzo staff were all tech staff used to working with start-ups, while many of the new hires are more experience in the banking industry. This is a sign to me that the period of rapid development and growth is over, and that the company focus is now on making things work as a bank.

I suspect if you edit the title of this topic, and trim out (or rearrange) the parts of your initial post that you accept as coming from a point of frustration, that there will be no further flags, and (I hope) a productive discussion - you make some fair points, after all.

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After our All Hands today I feel like the company has never been more focused on our goals.

Hopefully over the next few months that will begin to show on the outside too :hot_coral_heart:


I’m really excited for what’s to come

I think this is what some of the problem is, communication early with Monzo was regular to the customers even if it was just QA’s. This started to dry up before the pandemic and that exacerbated it.

We haven’t had TS Anil speak to the (UK) customer base as far as I am aware (although I’m happy to be corrected). I know he won’t be a @tom, and Monzo are probably becoming more corporate in its approach to the public, but it would be nice to see the direction Monzo plans to move in at some point.


I hope Monzo stay transparent like they are now

Just as well you’re deleting your account then :slight_smile:

Do you mean telling someone if they have any complaints they should just leave?
Not responding kindly to posts where it’s obvious that the poster is clearly frustrated?
Shooting the messenger?
Not kindly pointing out where the post could be improved to perhaps elicit an appropriate response to the points which are justifiably raised while ignoring the points which aren’t relevant or related, but flagging the entire post because it shouldn’t have been posted as some of it was off message?
Or was your comment made for some other reason?

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