Has Monzo stagnated?

Been with Monzo for a couple of years now and innovation used to be rife, new ideas, future plans a yearly map of what they want to achieve. However in the past year I feel like they have become stagnant allowing other legacy banks to catch up. With little to no new developments. They don’t even seem to have had a big update with any new products in the last 6 months. Hopefully this will change with the cash injection they’ve recently had or at least give us a idea of what they want to do that’s new.


Oh good. We haven’t had one of these in a while.


What would you like to see?

What do you expect that’s so innovative?

They pretty much have the full banking product excluding secured, is that what you hope for?

It’s crazy people don’t think banks are actually limited in what they produce :upside_down_face:


I understand where you are coming from but not sure what else they could do? Only thing I can think of is something like sharing virtual cards like Apple/BMW are starting to do with their car keys

Also it is not necessarily a bad thing that Monzo are becoming seen as more of a mainstream bank than a tech startup

I also hate the way that Monzo have pretty much ground to a halt.

I mean yeah sure they gave us investments, and better flex, and a good savings account with decent interest rate, and really useful budgeting tools, and a mortgage tracking tool that let’s me see how much my overpayments affect my mortgage and what my current house value is and equity level. Not to mention the app is slicker than literally any other banking app (in my opinion).

But besides all that pointless stuff, they have pretty much stopped innovating. I expect more from my banking app, I mean I still have to get up off the sofa to find the TV remote - come on Monzo, a universal remote isn’t asking too much!


I won’t be happy unless the app plays the William Tell Overture finale every time money comes in and the sad trombone sound effect when money goes out.

Oh and a dancing penguins animation when paid early. Now that’s innovation.


There have been times in the past where monzo have fallen behind the pace of starling and others but, lately, I really don’t think that’s the case: app redesign, mortgage tracker, cheque imaging, flex, investments, etc.


The Jaws theme tune as you get closer to your Flex payment date :shark:


Joint accounts, and child accounts are the areas I think lacking. They don’t apply to me.


Quite the opposite really, they’ve added some great stuff recently.

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You can already do that on Android as you can choose the sounds for credited and debited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not the penguin animation though :joy:


Now we wait…


I’ll bet my Trombone blasts out first…


I knew it. Just got the trombone sound thanks to MrsW. And it is sad to hear.

Grab a copy of the .mp3 here if you want

Edit: Just had the trombone again. Fumes :rage:


I think the pay in a cheque in the app Feature just released is Proof that it has stagnated. I haven’t seen or use a cheque for years…


Probably a good portion of the user base born post millennium 18-24 hasn’t seen a cheque IRL. :sweat_smile:

Yes I used IRL I’m still down with it.

Interested to understand what you are missing that you’d like Monzo to focus on?

I still get confused by topics such as this. Products typically do one of three things. Pivot, persevere, or exit stage left.

I think Monzo’s still pivoting and pushing the boundaries. But eventually there’s only going to be some much differentiation between different products.

So no, I don’t think it’s stagnated. Given most banks release one new product in a five year period, Monzo has definitely still bucked this trend.

They are like London buses. I had not seen one in years and then received 2 last month, one from the tax man and one from amex

So much to come still, in the last year, you’ve had investing, savings and cash back, you’ll see pension at some point I reckon this year, and others who are more connected have seen other things which will be game changers.

Still market leading UX, no one is close, and if that’s stagnation, I’ll take it