Information on investor cards

(Ben Talbot) #48

It was #2 on the list of what happens when you’re an investor. I think that shows how they feel about it. They must know that a very sizable portion of the investors are going to order a new card extremely fast. They have a very detailed guide and ‘q&a’ about it on their Twitter.

(Kyle Risi) #49

You are absolutely correct, opinions are always welcome and discussion is encouraged. I think the way you are responding to others based on your activity feed could be deemed as follows:

  • Ad hominem attacks (criticising a poster personally, not their post).
  • Posting low-value content that doesn’t add to the discussion.
  • Repeatedly making the same arguments, instead of moving on.


Why can’t people order a new card and not get reminded about the planet though?

Surely constant reminders (which have been said throughout this thread) are indeed “preachy”?

FWIW, I’m all for less plastic consumption, utilising what you have etc.

But I don’t feel people need reminding on a regular basis that they should “carefully think” before ordering a new card.

(MikeF) #52

The reminder of the environmental impact has been clearly and correctly stated. Once is enough so we could all just move on now since those posts will still be there tomorrow. :grinning:

(Jonathon) #53

It’s only used to people making the same point over and over. State your opinion, sure (even though the topic wasn’t about that - create a new thread if you want to debate it), but to then continuously berate members who say they want one, to the point where further up this post the “Why?” question was asked followed by “You get excited easily” is where it goes from an opinion to preachy.

I do not regret using that word, as it comes across that way in a lot of instances.

(Dan Baker) #54

Are the new cards coral core? Or should I hold off for now?


What is coral core?

(Hugh Wells) #56

Sorry to jump in here :disappointed:

It seems we’re going round in circles a bit on whether people should be replacing cards. I think we’ve covered various arguments here so unless anyone has anything original to add I think we should try to move on :+1:

We try to avoid circular discussions (as per the code of conduct) and I really would like to avoid closing this thread :sweat:

(Ed) #57

Yes - I believe so. My partner’s latest card is coral core; and my joint account is coral core - so I imagine investor cards will be too.

(Ed) #58

The core of the card is the centre (typically white as seen from the edge of the card).

Monzo’s new cards are typically coral core meaning that you can not see a difference in the colour of the core compared to the rest of the card.


Thank you! I had noticed that on a few cards but I hadn’t realised it had a name

(Hugh Wells) #60

Investor, joint account and Nitecrest current account cards are coral core :+1:

AllPay cards are not :slight_smile:

(Alex) #61

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is “Nitecrest” vs “AllPay”?

(Ed) #62

They are different card manufacturers :blush:

(Dan Baker) #63

AllPay cards?

(Matt C) #65

Hi @HughWells - that’s fine. I am genuinely interested to hear about how you are working as a company to help the environment and prevent waste. Do you have anything about this online?i Thanks!

(Dan Baker) #66

Yeah, I can’t wait. Exciting new card


What’s the issue of having a new one? so many preaches…


Appreciate you’re passionate about what you think is right but please move on as suggested above by a Monzo staff. There is no need to keep going on and on.

(Jack Stride) #69

My card has started to split and can see the contactless coils exposed so I’m glad I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by replacing it now. Better than if I’d replaced it last month and then again this month :grin: