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I was excited to receive my investor current account card, unfortunately the activation process provided on the letter receive is inaccurate.

The process I went through in order to successfully activate the card was to go to ‘my account’, ‘freeze’ my current card and then click the ‘activate’ option to activate the new card. Just an FYI for future letters perhaps. I’m definitely running the latest version of the app just in case anyone wondered. (1.9.22)


Are you on iOS? I have android and see the following


Yes I am using IOS, here’s what I see:

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Aha! That’s great thanks! I was going to contact Support this evening to ask how to do it as I couldn’t figure it out!

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did you not get an email with how to order/ activate your new investor card ?


I presume he did, but he is pointing out that the instructions on the reissued debit card differ from the steps required in app.

I would also rely on the written communication as a reminder.

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Yeah I got it but missed this part:

You may need to freeze your existing card again to allow activation of your new one

It was a few days later that I got the physical card and all memories of the e-mail had left my mind :wink:


It’s probably worded this way because you usually only get a replacement card when you have frozen your card and requested a new one. They just used the same paper as a normal replacement.


This is probably buried in my inbox under the thousands of emails I receive daily. Additionally this was also sent about a month ago when I first ordered the investor card.

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I ordered my investor card 1 day after the email arrived and got my investor card 2 days after I ordered it so the instructions were probably fresher in my mind :slight_smile:


They had some delays. Mine wasn’t so quick. It was more like a surprise in the post. Late Christmas present :rofl:

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