Current Account Investor Cards


Just got invited to the new current account and received my card about ten minutes ago.

But, the card isn’t an investor card. :disappointed:

Are they not ready yet?

How do I actually get an investor card?
Investor Debit cards
New Investor Cards
Investors flair here on the forum 🚀
Upgrade (Migration) Updates
Investor Card arrived and activated
(Danny) #2

November I think…


What, so do we have to replace our cards next month?


You don’t have to, you could wait until it expires for your snazzy investor card.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

from a blog post back in July saying roughly “investor cards” aren’t ready but when they are you’ll get one when they are ready

"What if I’m an investor?

Firstly, thank you! If you invested in the crowdfunding round earlier this year, we promised you priority access to the current account and we will of course be honouring that. You now have two options:

Register now — as an investor, we will ensure you are invited to get a current account this quarter in the first group of people. However, your account will still be subject to the limitations outlined above and you won’t get your limited edition Investor debit card (because they’re not quite ready.)
Wait a little — as soon as we’re confident enough to roll out current accounts en-masse and the limited edition Investor debit cards are ready, we’ll make sure you’re in the very first group to receive a card and current account. This will likely be in 3–4 months.
If you pre-registered to invest in the last round but weren’t successful, as promised you will also get early access to the current account. That will mean you are in the first group of people to receive a card and current account once we start rolling out en-masse! "

(Anthony Philip) #6

Are you on the Android platform?


Yep, I’m on android.

(Anthony Philip) #8

Would be good to see some screen shots and features?


Pretty much looks exactly like the beta app tbh.

(Hugh) #10

No additional functionality?


Not really. Apart from the new field for sending money via a sort code and account number.

(Hugh) #12

Ah. You didn’t have the preview right?

Do you have Monzo to Monzo payments? Top up by debit card?


Nope, I wasn’t on the preview. I’m pretty sure is gone, and top-up via debit card is gone too. :frowning:


Yeah, it is returning though.

(Kevyn) #15

Its been widely known that new cards are to be issued in the future after we have left the preview phase. I still have the CA 1.0 card version which isn’t accepted everywhere due to its chip limitations.


This has since changed. New cards aren’t mandatory, but you can request one for the new chip settings once you move from Preview to the real deal.

(Rika Raybould) #17

The investor cards aren’t quite ready just yet but we’ve made the decision to get all remaining investors the early account we promised them. :pray:

On that note, we have implemented the required card ordering service functionality to automatically identify and send investors a card with the investor mark on it when it is replaced! Once the investor cards are in stock, you will automatically get one on replacement of the card you have. :tada:

(Mike Fuller) #18

I had the following message from support yesterday (6 November 2017) when I asked about Investor cards.

“Our Investor debit cards are running a bit behind so initially you’ll keep your normal debit card — BUT as soon as we have them, you’ll be able to replace your card in app with an Investor debit card :smile:

(Marta) #19

Also, Tristan mentioned this on Slack:

(Chris) #20

Just got my debit card for the CA today. Unfortunately can confirm it’s not an investor card so there’s still some waiting for it. :frowning:
Still, excited to finally have the account open :smiley: