Investor Debit cards

(Tristan Thomas) #1

A few people have been asking our wonderful Customer Operations team through in-app chat about when they’ll get their Investor cards :slight_smile:

Firstly, remember these are debit cards and so will be coming with the current account. If you invested, as soon as you get your current account later this year, your debit card should automatically be an Investor card — and if you lose it and need a replacement, that should also be an Investor card. So hold on tight until current accounts for that shiny new card :credit_card:

Confirmed expections before the end of 2017 (Open Wiki)
(Herp Derp) #2

For those that ask would you not be able to send out Investor pre pay cards?


I don’t want another prepay card so I can wait for the debit one, question was for the I want now users on here.

(James Billingham) #3

Will it be possible to receive a non-investor replacement card?


what? a prepaid card saying “I didn’t get picked to invest in Monzo” :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #5

No, when you are an “investor” but don’t want it to say that on the card.


It was a joke of course

(Bob) #7

I don’t see the point in sending out non-urgent pre pay investor cards considering the costs involved, particularly as investors will be amongst the first in line to be offered current accounts in the coming months. I’d like to think that Monzo would take better care of investors’ money.

(Tristan Thomas) #8

@billinghamj If you don’t want your card to say Investor, we’ll be able to remove that from your Profile :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #9

For the users who attempted to invest, but were not selected, will their cards have a “Nearly an Investor” moniker? :wink:

(Leon) #10

Yep why not? I almost got picked in a lottery card hmmm has quite a nice ring to it.

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Investor cards are being discussed here: