Information on investor cards

Also if you have more than one card in Google Pay and Monzo is the default card for contactless you have to set it back to default after you unfreeze your card.

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I’m happy just to keep my normal card until it expires. Most of the time i’m using Android Pay or buying online anyway, so seems wasteful getting a new card for the sake of it.


Completely agree…and will be doing the same thing Would be interesting to know the true cost of sending out the cards etc…


£2.50 (including packaging)


It’s a nice touch that Apple Pay will reflect the investor card in the iOS wallet too. The little things.


I re-added my card to Apple Pay after investing and the picture doesn’t have Investor on. Did you have to do anything before?

I haven’t ordered a new physical card yet if that matters?

Thanks for clarifying that. If you freeze your card does it affect direct debits? I understand I can use the card at all (physical, Apple Pay etc) but can I still do bank transfers and everything else as normal?

You are just worried about your shares diminishing in value :wink:

I would like an Investor card but will probably wait until the new year before requesting one. Many purchases nowadays I make using Google Pay, although my Monzo card is looking a bit tatty and I may switch back to fishing it out in shops for the attention! :rofl:


To be fair it was one of the perks offered by Monzo if you invest so people ordering new card shouldn’t be criticised for asking what was offered



Which stadium/arena is going to be hired for the 35k odd investors!

Thanks for the virtue signal, I want a slightly different card to the one I have. :+1:


Because… its slightly different, excited to be investing in Monzo.


I think we need to stop this. This shaming of people wanting a new card. It’s up to the individual. If you don’t want a new card, simply do not order one. It is not for you, or any of us, to decide whether, or why, another member should want a card.

If you feel strongly, might I suggest you make it clear to Monzo directly. If it’s a big issue for you, then why not ask why the cards exist in the first place, or why they publish it as a benefit of investing, or why they publish on their social media instructions how to obtain the card rather than judging those who do it.

This preaching behaviour is not useful, helpful, and in some cases, not kind.


I agree with the above.

I don’t think it’s fair to try and shame other investors into not taking up the offer that was made to them as part of the investment package.


You aren’t alone pal, the Grinch in one, doesn’t reflect the many in the community (who also want investor cards)


Interestingly my app has gone back to showing a non-investor card on the Account page. Not sure when that happened!

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I think it may be worth @anon91431560 having a quick read through the community guidelines, specifically around forum etiquette.


What if I “accidentally” have an incident involving a pair of scissors! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think that a more civilised conversation about the topic would be helpful. Both from the environmental point of view and sustainability within Monzo, along with the cost implications which may have been factored in already but £2.50 per card is very expensive if the vast majority of people did opt to get it replaced purely for the investor branding on the card.

I don’t think it is fair for people to be shamed for ordering the card (as it was offered by Monzo as a perk), but I also don’t feel it is fair for people to be dismissed for wanting to try and remind people that requesting a new card could have an impact on the environment. I find the use of the word “preachy” to be really dismissive. It would be like asking David Attenborough to shut up at the recent climate conference because he was preaching to people about the devastating effects of climate change.

Ultimately feelings run high when issues like this are discussed, so we all need to ensure that we aren’t stepping over the line and being really offensive.

If you want a new card then go for it, but I don’t think it is fair to shut people down who may actually manage to remind people that the addition of the word “investor” to a perfectly usable card is a luxury, not a necessity.

It would be great to hear thoughts from someone at Monzo about this. :slight_smile: