How do I actually get an investor card?


I’ve read a few of the threads and feel I am missing something obvious - I received my CA card today but now remember that investors are suppose to get a card that says “investor” - how do I actually get this? The set-up provided no prompts and I don’t see how I link my investment to my account? Do I need to email someone?

(Bob) #2

Were you a first round investor? If not, I don’t believe they were issued to second round investors.

(Adam Williams) #3

There aren’t any yet. You’ll get one later on. For now all the cards will be reissued anyway so it doesn’t make sense to do that sort of thing.


What’s the benefit in reissuing the current account cards later? I know the features of the current card are not complete but how does that impact the physical plastic current account card?


there are currently about 3 versions of the card with different chip configurations. The reissue of cards will ensure all customers have the finally agreed version

(Adam Williams) #6

As Richard said, it’s stuff like how the chip is configured (e.g. offline payment support). My CA card doesn’t have my name on it either.


The other posts have provided the answer to my main question but just to clarify this point:

“Get an exclusive Monzo Investor debit card with your current account! Even if you lose it in the future, we’ll always replace it with an Investor card.”

Is what was promised to second round investors.

(Adam) #8

Investor Debit cards will be issued once the current account is actually launched. Currently it’s in the preview stage.


Yes - I was just clearing up the issue of if it was simply to first round investors.

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Investor cards are being discussed here: