Independent travel insurance or upgrading to premium?

I am off to Canada next week (not so much if I am unlucky enough to contract covid by the end of the week). I’ve had a look around the internet and honestly every travel insurance has similar policies when it comes to Covid. Given that I am have Monzo Plus, I was thinking of maybe going premium as the AXA insurance also covers certain elements of covid much like the others!

Has anyone done something similar? or used premium and had to claim with AXA for covid reasons?

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If you need one-off travel insurance, it’s usually much cheaper to go direct. These bundles are only worth it if you travel a lot, or use the other perks too IMO

Also it’s worth looking at Canadian policies in this case, most Canadian insurers offer insurance to visitors to Canada and in the event of a claim (especially a medical claim), it’s much easier as the hospital can just bill the insurer electronically without hassle.

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