Monzo travel insurance to Mexico

Hi all

I am a Monzo Premium account holder

Have a family trip to Mexico in August and wanted to ask about the travel insurance provided through account.

Do people think this is sufficient for such a trip or would people suggest a different policy


What do you think?

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Think ?

I was asking a opinion…


It’s for you to decide how insured you want you and your family to be.

The Premium insurance will cover you but you can always pay for more and better, but only you know if you need/want that.

I’d be making sure I was covered for COVID.

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The travel Insurance as part of premium, seemed to me at least, to be pretty decent and I would’ve trusted it if I was going there.

But like @Revels says it really depends on how safe you feel and especially what Covid cover you feel is sufficient.

Enjoy your trip!

Thanks all

If the policy OP has taken out has the same terms and conditions as linked on Monzo’s web site, there is COVID coverage:

I’ve fallen ill with coronavirus and have to isolate for 2 weeks, so I need to cancel my trip

No problem, you’re covered for cancelling this trip.

To answer OP’s question about whether the insurance is sufficient, I fall in line with the other replies so far in that it’s not something anyone can answer. OP would need to carefully read what is (and isn’t!) covered by their policy and decide if that is enough for them. Monzo have this document from AXA on their site, which covers all the terms and conditions of the policy.


Thank you for linking that document…very good

Again thanks to people who replied here


Axa travel insurance is not worth the paper it is written on. It is as basic as it gets. My partner and I had flights cancelled from Heathrow to Santorini after our bags were checked in, We were left abandoned by BA and had to stay in a hotel overnight we then booked flights with Aegean airways and missed 2 days of our holiday. I put a claim in for £2000 to cover all the outgoings and my claim was rejected and I was offered £250 in total for both myself AND my partner. I have just cancelled my monzo premium!

Lots missing from that story!

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Like what?

your hotel would have been claimable through British Airways (or should be), and BA should have booked you on new flights…


BA left us abandoned on the Saturday morning and told us to make our own way and we would get any outgoings reimbursed. The next flight BA flight was the monday so we went with Aegean airways. I paid for my flight with airmiles which were refunded. All i am saying is it is best to be careful with the basic axa monzo cover as if says that Family is covered when it isn’t family it is only per trip.

Ah, so you’re complaining that you didn’t read the fine print of the travel insurance, and that you got what you were entitled to after everything else was refunded as expected by the airline that originally canceled your outbound flight?


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Missed departure or delayed departure are £250 cap, nothing else.

So which was it?


On monzo it states cover for you and your family. Well it turns out that it is not the persons on the trip that are covered but only “the trip” so instead of both my partner and I receiving £500,I only received £250.

That’s what they paid out on,but they should have paid out on cancellation?

but you went on the holiday , the flight was cancelled and you got another flight

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You & Your family are covered as part of the policy. Doesn’t meant that you are entitled to each person getting every single claim - some are per group, some are for all.

They’ll pay out if your family member needed medical assistance etc.

Just read the policy :person_shrugging:

Yes but i had to pay £1400 for new flights with a different airline,because BA cancelled the original flights. Anyway I wouldn’t rely on monzo/axa insurance agsin.