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Hi Folks. I was wondering if anyone knew if the travel insurance included with premium covers for going on a cruise. I need to provide proof of ‘cruise cover’. Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Deewoo70 & welcome :wave:

It does now. It didn’t when I booked a 2021 cruise and so had to buy a bog-standard £80 cruise insurance policy for the family, but it did include cruise cover when we booked a 2022 cruise. Specifically:

Top of page 7 of T&C’s (third word):

And in the ‘Coronavirus’ section of the Monzo Premium Travel Insurance:
I’m planning to go on a cruise
No problem, you’re covered for travel by sea or cruises.”

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Hi, how did you get on? I want to do the same but I rung AXA this morning and they said they don’t cover cruises.

Hi Rachel

Yes I managed to speak to axa and they changed the policy wording to include cruise cover. It won’t cover for everything such as if you miss a port you can’t claim back but the cruise and authorities accepted it for both me and partner on the same policy. Hope you get sorted.

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Thanks so much for your response. I just rung again and she said that yes cruise is covered, I should have asked some follow up questions. Did you just take the policy document with you? My only othery query would be, I am lead passenger and my husband will be the one with the policy. I don’t suppose this was a similar circumstance to you? I just want to check that won’t cause an issue, it will save us a forune on insurance as we need worldwide inc America and Carribean. Thanks again for you help.

You are in luck as that was our exact circumstances. I had the policy and my fiancée was lead passenger. Had no issues at all with this. Plus we also went to the Caribbean. I am now very envious that I’m not going on a cruise again soon lol. Have a great time! :grinning:

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Oh, just make sure you get axa to put both of your names on the policy document. If they haven’t already.

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Ha brilliant! Oh ok, how do I get them to do that?

Will they contact me once I upgrade and then do I tell them about every trip? Sorry if that sounds thick, I just don’t want to go with premium if I won’t use the benefits

They wont contact you. You will receive your policy number once you upgrade. Just call them with that, explain that you are going on a cruise and would like both the cruise cover info and both names put on the document. They will then forward it on. Just print it out and you are good to go. I would advise printing any and all documentation that the cruise requires and keep it all together. Easier than having to search for things on your phone. Your policy will cover you for any amount of further trips, they don’t need to be contacted again. :slight_smile:


That is brilliant. Honestly thanks so much for your help! It will save us a fortune. Maybe you should reward yourself with a new cruise booking :blush:

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You’re very welcome. Glad I could help. Planning an American road trip next year so definitely jo cruise this year :joy:

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