AXA insurance certificate

Hi I am travelling to Thailand next month and using the sandbox program to enter. One of the requirements for entry is an insurance policy that covers COVID treatment and accommodation costs etc.

I have read the T&Cs of the AXA policy that is included with monzo premium and this meets the requirements for this.

I have currently got Monzo plus, and I’m considering upgrading to premium. My question is - is it possible to download a copy of my insurance policy ( that includes my name and address etc) once I have signed up to premium?

I need to show this to customs on arrival, and I imagine it could be difficult trying to explain and show them on the app.


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Unfortunately I tried to find out as I just upgraded to premium and I haven’t received a certificate in email or on the app, I would definitely call AXA if you do decide to get Premium and they should be able to provide you with an Insurance certificate I’d assume?

You do get your policy number though when you sign up.

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Why go to AXA, someone you have no direct contractual arrangement with? You’re taking out a product through Monzo - surely it should be something that Monzo should provide?


As far as I know, the product isn’t handled by Monzo - we don’t have a team for this I don’t think :thinking:

We do have a Paid team who handle general Paid queries.

I was under the impression the certificate was issued when taking out Premium. I’ll see if I can find it.

The app directs you to Axa and not Monzo, and you can see policy number, start date and also contact number and web link to Axa to make a claim.

Edit: can’t find it anywhere, my emails all seem unable to retain anything than a few months old, though I do remember receiving an email when taking out Premium.

The Travel Insurance isn’t provided by Monzo it’s provided by AXA.

As I have just took it out, all you receive is a Premium welcome email with your travel and phone insurance T&Cs, a AXA Travel Document with no personal info on just a general document stating what is and isn’t covered, but that’s it.

Perhaps they will accept this although it doesn’t confirm a link between you specifically just a “Monzo card holder”.

Try reaching out to the Premium CS team and/or AXA for a certificate.

From what I remember is there not something in premium section of monzo app, at least a policy number maybe some documents. No longer premium customer so can’t confirm

Yes. But that’s not what I said.

If Monzo is just an introductory agent here then we might as well all go and get insurance directly with AXA.

If you’re not accepting any responsibility (and remember the user is paying Monzo, not AXA) then it seems like there’s little point in Monzo Premium, certainly as far as the insurance is concerned.

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There’s this:


It feels like you should be able to tap on it and see your policy, but you can’t. (Well you can tap, but nothing happens).


IIRC correctly you can get in touch with chat and they’ll pass the query over to our paid team who can provide you with this. I think you also get the relevant docs emailed to you, but I don’t have premium anymore!

Worth asking the question before taking it out though.

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I have the premium travel insurance email and no certificate or other documents attached just directs you to the monzo app

I have Premium and it’s all in-app - policy number, cover start date, excess, claim phone number, COVID info. (IMPORTANT!!!), T’s & C’s

Tap on ‘Terms and conditions’ and it’ll download the policy docs to your device.


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Once you have premium you can reach out over chat and talk to one of our Monzo Premium specialists, they should be able to provide proof of your travel insurance including your policy number.

This is a relatively new thing that we started offering only within the Monzo Plus/Premium team.

Let us know how you get on :hot_coral_heart: