Incorrect predicted cost on scheduled payments

Issue: The predicted value on the scheduled payments is wrong (predicted is £13.99, actual is £6.99) resulting in the available balance on the Home Screen is incorrect as it’s using the predicated value instead of the latest/actual value e.g.
current balance = £100
Total of scheduled payments (using predicated): £13
Total of scheduled payments (using latest): £7
Available balance (predicated) = £87
Actual available balance = £93

Until the payment of £7 is actually made, the available balance is incorrect. It would be easier if this predicted value was editable and not allowed to go any lower than the lowest payment

Details to reproduce: Have a scheduled payment with the same merchant over a long period of time that has changed multiple times over that timeframe
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
App Version:


This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature request. The predictions are based off the last month and will self correct if the payment is lower (but be wrong the month after if higher). HSBC’s balance after bills allows for re-adjustment manually, which ideally Trends would also do.

Thanks for checking this out. It’s understood that the comment on what it should be is a feature request. However, if what you say is true about taking the last months payment as the predicted value then I believe this is still a bug as this is what my last few payments look like:

The predicated is not representing the latest payment

You already paid one for it in July too.

My suspicion here is you previously in the past had a higher tier, and Monzo is still tracking it as a separate monthly subscription. If that’s the case, turning this off won’t affect the recurring subscription for your £7 one, assuming you set it up.

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Correct, there was a time where it was £14 a month. However, I don’t think Monzo is tracking it as a separate subscription as a payment for £14 is within the history of the scheduled payment that also includes the £7 as linked above.

It’s probably tracking them both separately, it just looks like one thing to you.

The payment history will show you everything for that merchant, not that subscription.

You could try turning it off for that £14 transaction and then checking the £7 to see if it’s still turned on for that. It should be, but if not, turn it back on I think it’ll solve this issue for you. :slight_smile:


I recently had a similar issue and this fixed it for me.

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Worked a charm, was unclear how to remove the payment but enabling and disabling the repeat payment was the trick. Thanks for your help everybody :smile: