Total upcoming payments in Trends not showing all scheduled outgoing payments

Hi there. Just opened a joint account and have scheduled loads of outgoing payments (standing orders, direct debits, subs and pots). We put money in today but only a few of these scheduled payments are showing in the Balance tab under Total Upcoming. The Left to Spend total is therefore much higher than it should be. I am concerned about why the upcoming payments are not showing or being deducted off the total deposited.

Hi @AmandaClaire & welcome :wave:

It won’t work properly until you’ve gone through 1 monthly cycle - as far as scheduled payments, standing orders & direct debits are concerned. Once the app has ‘learnt’ the payments, it’ll settle down and be correct. Just be very careful for the next 4 weeks!

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Thanks David. Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. Looking forward to using Monzo to it’s full potential.

Kind regards

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