Incorrect calculation of upcoming payments

Several upcoming payments are due, however the calculation is incorrect.

Screenshot says £2237.32 however the payments total £2556.99

OS: iOS 17.1
Device: iPhone 15 Pro
App Version: 5.47.0


The difference is £319.67, which matches the 2nd to last icon (AU).
What’s so special about this transaction (that you are willing to share)?

Interesting, that’s a direct debit for my car lease. That’s been in place for a few years so nothing new

Do you have two payments showing in scheduled for the same amount?

No, that’s the only payment for that amount :thinking:

Is it 2 days away like the rest?

No, it came out today with the others. They were scheduled for today because of the weekend.

I have some other payments due tomorrow, and the calculation for them is correct

(Android) - I had a ‘stuck’ DD which was a valid DD but was always shown at the top of the scheduled payments list and didn’t show any information against it. This went on for over 18 months and caused issues with upcoming totals. I recently changed the payment date for that DD with the vendor and :boom: it now works as it should.

Hmm interesting. I checked all of my scheduled payments and none of them seem to be stuck, they all appear valid

I had something similar. I flicked the repeating subscription toggle off from within the DD listings, then added it back from the last transaction and that seemed to do it for me