Scheduled payments - adjust date manually

I have an idea for scheduled payments.
Right now date when payment will be taken is calculated by previous payments, however it might not be correct sometimes. So an option to select date and frequency should be as an option to override automatically calculated one.


I would definitely like this :+1: but I do not think it is possible as the payment is actually scheduled with the merchant and changing this means updating it with them, not with Monzo.

If you have a utility bill that is scheduled to go out on the 25th there is nothing Monzo can do about it. Another example if you pay for an app subscription with Apple of Google on the 12th again there is nothing Monzo can do about that :frowning_face:

What I mean is only display/reminder date. Only to adjust reminder date. So it is correct. Right now I do have 2 payments with incorrect dates.