Incorrect details on sign up

I recently went to create an account via the app, inputting all the necessary details. However before confirming if my full name should be on the card, i noticed my iphone auto-corrected my first name. Is there a way to change this? I can’t see an option in the app and I don’t want to send off for a card with this error on.


Contact customer services within the app or at .

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From my experience of iPhone autocorrect it will only autocorrect a word twice. If you try & type on your name on three consecutive occasions (deleting each time it autocorrects) it should let you proceed (it might give you a suggestion but it won’t autocorrect on the three go). That might not be the issue as it’s difficult to say without screenshots but hope that works :grinning:

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Odds are, if it’s a pretty minor typo it’ll get picked up and corrected when your ID is submitted, so I wouldn’t worry too much!

If you’d prefer the peace of mind before you finish signing up though, a quick call to Monzo should get it sorted :raised_hands:


Thanks Owen - you’re right about the autocorrect feature with deleting the word repeatedly. I’ll keep at it!

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Thanks Ellie - gave them a quick call and they sorted it instantly. Was a rookie typo on my part… Thanks again

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