Incorrect last name in app/on Monzo card

Hi all,

I just received my Monzo USA card and set up my account. Excited to give Monzo a try! (RIP Simple)

I think my name was saved incorrectly in the system when I signed up and wanted to let the team know.
My name ends with a “Jr.” suffix, and my card (and the postage that mailed my card) both have my last name mistakenly listed as the suffix (so the name on my card says “Mitch Jr.” instead of “Mitch Ware”.
My account details in the app also list my name this way.

To be perfectly honestly, I don’t remember the sign-up process with extreme detail (it was more than a month ago), so I guess there’s a chance that I entered my name incorrectly… but I think its more likely that this is a bug (surely I know how to spell my own name :laughing: ).

What’s the best way to go about changing this? Do I need to request a new debit card as well?

Hi. Welcome.

You’ll need to use the chat function (search for “contact” in the help section) and I’d imagine they’ll send you a new card.

Usually I’d say it was a typo but someone else joined yesterday to say their card was also wrong so maybe something broken somewhere.

:raising_hand_woman:t2: Yep - had an issue with my last name, too. Customer service in-app was able to help me. I needed my last name changed in the app and on the card. Once I got a live person to respond the process to make the correction it was fairly quick - maybe 10-15 minutes? They said they’d be sending out a new card. Hope to get it in a few days.

Hi all, sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced with this - this is indeed a bug that we’ve seen crop up in a few cases following our recent launch of personalized cards. We’ll be working on a fix shortly but for now as others have mentioned, if anyone sees this they can write into the in-app chat and we’ll get it sorted ASAP for them.

Personalised cards? What are them? Can I now make a custom card?

That’ll probably refer to the US account holder’s name on the standard card, rather than a custom picture or layout.

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Oh I got a little excited then :frowning:

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Yeah, before this we had “Monzo” or “Monzo Beta” on our cards where our names should’ve been.