Incorrect Credit Report

Issue: credit scores displaying incorrect information

**Details to reproduce: I check my score in the monzo app which is provided by TransUnion. I have a marker for “ You have a County Court
Judgment, Individual Voluntary Agreement, or you’ve been declared bankrupt“. I know this is not the case as I monitor my reports with Checkmyfile. Either way I also logged into the official TransUnion report and there aren’t no details regarding any judgment, bankruptcy, etc.

It’s quite jarring to read and I’m assuming I’m not the only one affected.

OS: iOS 16.6.1
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
App Version: Latest?



There won’t be anything Monzo can do about this, all the data is pulled from TransUnion so if this is incorrect it’d need to be raised with them.

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If you read what I wrote you will understand that TransUnion does not hold any data on me for these markers. So somehow incorrect data is being pulled which I’m sure Monzo can do something about it.

Your message was not complete when you first posted it.

Yes, and yet you responded dismissing my unfinished post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not entirely sure how I could tell you were going to edit it and add more details, but sure.

Hopefully Monzo fix the issue for you :wink:


@lazlazlaz you’re best reaching out to customer support on this - help → Search → Contact → Find a button for help

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I am also experiencing this issue. This same message appeared on my latest credit score update in Monzo. Having checked Check My File, I was relieved to see this was not the case.

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Monzo is aware of the issue and are fixing it. Thanks all for the comments.

I have the same issue, my major concern is the fact they now see incorrect data. Are they using this data and if so this would affect people’s relationships and account stability with the bank.

I indeed just checked mine, mine is also showing I have a CCJ, IVA or bankruptcy which is not the case I have checked via totally money and Kredit Karma both reporting none of them!