Credit report information is different via Monzo Plus and direct from TransUnion

Has anybody issues with incorrect details being reported in the credit reporting feature on Monzo Plus? I’ve been about two months trying to address this with Monzo, as any changes to my details intended to address currently take a month to see if they have an effect, but I’m wondering if anyone has encountered similar issues.

Currently, the credit report feature gives incorrect information. The most glaring of which is saying I don’t have a mortgage, which I do. More confusingly, the information is a mismatch with information obtained directly from TransUnion (which gives a different score and also sees my mortgage).

My address is typically in the format “X/Y Street Name”, where X is a building number and Y is a flat number. This was originally “Flat Y, X Street Name” in Monzo, but I updated it in the hope this was the error. The address entry doesn’t support slashes though, so I updated it to “X-Y Street Name” (a format found in some other automated systems for my address). This didn’t solve the issue, however, so a Monzo chat support rep updated my address to the “X/Y Street Name” format manually.

I now need to wait another month to see if this works. Is there no way to force an update with the new details? Otherwise, there will be yet another lag while this is escalated and investigated.

Given Plus doesn’t pull in NewDay cards (Amazon), this is the only feature of Plus that is really of much use to me right now, and I continue to pay for it while the issue is debugged…

Has anyone experienced any similar issues?

Hi. Welcome.

Have you logged it with Credit Karma?

Monzo aren’t doing anything other than showing you what they say.

Hi there - there is nothing to really log with CreditKarma. Via CreditKarma the details are all 100% correct. Which implies something wrong with the way Monzo are querying or pulling the info, no?

TransUnion is the CRA, not Credit Karma. Credit Karma is just another company that pulls data from TransUnion.

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My credit report doesn’t even work, says it can’t match me. Yet when I go directly to TransUnion it works fine. Neither TransUnion or Monzo are able to fix it I’ve tried for months to get either to sort it


I mentioned this the other day (although not Transunion)

My score in Credit Karma is higher than what is shown in the Monzo app despite it supposedly being the same.

I’ve had a consistent score for a long while now and the two have never aligned.

You’re not the only person I’ve seen mention this. Fortunately it’s always been the same for me - Credit Karma, Monzo and Nat West.

Credit Karma update weekly dependant on what information drops in, are the scores nearly similar or far apart. If it’s far apart then that’s my theory bust :joy:

Just checked NatWest and Credit Karma mine are exactly the same, can’t check against what Monzo holds.

I’ve had a consistent score for a couple of month now and there’s a difference of around 20 points.

Which classes me an ‘Doing Great’ in Monzo and ‘Excellent’ if I go direct.

In my case, as well as not seeing my mortgage, my scores are also at least 100 points apart (I’d have to check, but I think it was about 130 apart, the lower score being Monzo).

Ah well that’s my theory torpedoed, you’d think whatever API is provided it sends the same data regardless, looks like an odd Monzo quirk then.

Even though I have the same score in Monzo and Credit Karma they say ‘Doing Great’ and ‘Excellent’, respectively :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar, a few points different between Credit Karma and Monzo. ‘Excellent’ with CK, ‘Doing Great’ with Monzo. All other data seems aligned.
But CK updates every 7 days and Monzo every 4 weeks, so timing issues likely at play?

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So, my report just updated and it has the exact same (very wrong) information as before. Given I flagged this weeks ago with Monzo, and I keep getting fobbed off (if we’re honest) it’s getting pretty frustrating. At this stage, I’ll probably cancel Monzo Plus unless there’s some actual sign of progress (or at least caring about trying to address the issue).

Have you tried raising a complaint?

Yep, about two weeks ago. I’ve also raised it as an error via the app chat three times now, and here. At a bit of a loss as to what else to do. Feeling slightly strung along, as it’s likely I will cancel Plus if it can’t be fixed (the other features I either don’t use or aren’t as useful given some of the open banking gaps with credit cards etc).

If you raised it as a complaint you will have been given a date you’ll receive an official response by. If not, they’ve likely logged it as feedback which you don’t necessarily get an update on.

I’m also a little confused why this would make you want to cancel Plus. Are you saying that you only signed up to Plus to view your credit score in app?

I’m not saying that, no. But for various reasons I don’t get as much use out of the other features as expected, as I said. So this adds to the reasons - and on top of that it seems to drive Monzo’s own lending It’s the only place I have finances where I’m not eligible for anything.

I believe Monzo use their own criteria and mix of sources to get a more comprehensive view rather than just relying on the one source.

But yeah, if you don’t use anything else I’d be cancelling regardless of this and I’d go direct to save myself some money each month.