Incorrect ATM Locations & Crowdsourcing ATM Locations

A few technical reasons but there is no guarantee that your phone is in the same place that the card is being used, especially if your card has been stolen (and hopefully frozen) or somehow cloned.

In the long term, it’s probably better to keep reporting inaccurate data where possible and build up Monzo’s correction dataset.

I will often go out with just my wallet (e.g. when my phone is on charge) so in that case my phone would just show my home address

Fair point, I guess I was thinking very narrowly with my case (I always go with my phone!) :slight_smile:

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I would like to have my phone all day long but it can’t cope with my heavy use and the battery goes flat in under half a day and won’t last from 08:00-02:00 like I do :slight_smile: you can recharge it if static in an office but walking around and travelling on bus and train it is not possible

Kel has just shared another use case which would make the functionality to crowdsource ATM locations & access them through the app, even more useful (if users could also record which ATM’s charge fees).

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Would love to see this happen :heart_eyes:. One of my first posts (16/12/2015) included crowdsourcing ATM data.


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And (just to keep everything linked together) you also requested it here -

this was Hugo’s response -

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I have used my card a couple of times on both occasions the map location is wrong.

I also changed my pin at an ATM while I live in Ireland which showed that the ATM was in central England

Is there anything I can do to fix this

Yes there is :slight_smile:

If you’re an iOS user, you can correct the location in the app, if you’re an Android user, message the support team to let them know the correct address. When the location’s fixed, it’s updated for all users, there’s more details earlier in this topic :raised_hands:

Thank you very much can you tell me how I correct it on the app :confused:

No worries, tap the transaction in your feed, then:

Then the address you select / enter will be submitted to the customer support team, for them to approve.


Any plans to incorporate an ATM finder in to the app? Something like the one offered by MasterCard here but intergrated into the monzo app, possibly with crowd sourced data regarding accessibility, withdrawal charges, limits etc.

Hey! I was using one of the ATMs at MediaCityUK in Salford to change my pin. It was really cool that the app included that I’d been to the ATM, but it gave the wrong address for it. It said it was ‘St John’s Road, Chester CH4 7AL’.

Has anyone else had issues with ATM addresses?

@joshtumath which ATM at media city? I know of only the one at Booths.

Hey Josh :wave:

Unfortunately it’s quite common for ATMs to show up with strange locations in the app because the providers often set the wrong location for them.

If you could report the issue in the app, using the ‘Something Wrong? Tell Us’ button on the transaction details page (or using the in-app chat, if you’re an Android user) Monzo will update the location for you :zap:

There’s one inside dock10 (the studios) and one just to the right of the entrance to the Salford Uni (the one I used).

Hey Alex. I don’t think there is a ‘Something Wrong?’ button, but I’ll use the chat. Thanks for the response!

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@joshtumath is that one of those cash zone ATMs?

I’m not sure. Don’t think so. They’re just a hole in the wall, not the portable type like in Booths. :slightly_smiling_face:

@joshtumath I will try it tomorrow when at work.