Incoming payments

Does Monzo show incoming payments with sort code and account numbers or are they removed.

Not on the feed but you can see them if you select a feed item

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Not if they are Monzo to Monzo but for all normal faster payments yes.

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Thanks that’s good to know.

Presume you’re referencing this (quite odd, IMHO) Starling policy?


@j06 yes I am and wondered how it faired here as I can’t understand the reason for removing them.


That’s because Monzo to Monzo FPS are actually sent via P2P :exploding_head::wink:


I’m all in for privacy but unless the underlying protocol actually supports hiding the originating account number this just provides a false sense of security, by making Starling users believe their details would be hidden if they do bank transfers while in reality they are still sent and any other bank (including a malicious actor you want to defend against) will still get these details.

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