Monzo bank transfers are slow now

I’ve been noticing over the past couple of weeks that transfers into and out of Monzo are no longer near instant. There’s a good 30 to 60 second delay. Monzo to Monzo payments are still instant though.

Has anyone else noticed the same? Has Monzo changed something? Not a massive deal, but I’m curious as to why this is the case now as it is a step backwards.

Someone sent me one yesterday (Monzo to Monzo via FPS) and it was instant. That’s all my data!

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Yeah Monzo to Monzo is still instant. When my brother sends me money I get the notification right after he hits the button to send it.

But it’s just something I’ve noticed a few times lately when moving money to RBS or withdrawing from Atom or receiving from my Barclays account. I haven’t done any specific testing or troubleshooting for it, it’s just anecdotal and Monzo being the common denominator.

As I say, it’s not a massive deal, it’s about the same as it is with Chase and Marcus, and for all I know it could have been like this for a while and I just haven’t noticed! But I could have sworn these used to be pretty instant! I know for a fact that I used to be able to withdraw from Atom and I’d get the notification before Atom had even confirmed it was successful! A shame that’s not quite the case anymore; my atom/monzo combo was a pretty slick experience.

It’s not something I’ve noticed of late :thinking: I’ve made transfers between my Monzo and Starling/Nationwide and there’s no noticeable delay compared to the usual instant notification.

Might be worth a delete and reinstall of the app if you haven’t tried that yet, just in case there’s a bug somewhere causing the notification to be delayed. Not aware of any changes at all!


Sent a bank transfer yesterday and it was instant


Will give that a try, thank you!

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We have had no issues both to and from Monzo and other accounts.

Who are you receiving/sending from? As Chase can take around 20-30 seconds most times.

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As above, just transactions to/from myself with various other banks. I already expect it with Chase and Marcus.

I first noticed it withdrawing from Atom a few weeks back, then paying myself from Barclays via FPS. And today what prompted the post, I’d sent £100 to RBS to withdraw, ended up only needing £60 so sent the other £40 back and it took a minute before I got the notification.

I’ve just reinstalled the app though, so hopefully just a bug on that side of things!

Sounds odd, not a mobile connectivity issue? Is it the notification delayed or the actual transfer?

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This could have possibly explained the Atom one!

Couldn’t tell you honestly, I never opened the app to check.

ETA: The notification is still in notification centre though, so when enough time has elapsed so it shows the exact time I received it instead of just 1h ago I’ll compare it with the time stamp in the app and report back!

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Just sent a tenner between Monzo and HSBC and got the HSBC notification almost instantly!


Sent FP to Chase.

Arrived 30s later :man_shrugging:

Not an issue really

Oh dear those 60 seconds of waiting must be excruciating :scream: stick kettle on, by time that’s done and you’ve got a fresh brew, money should be there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Tea brewed in 60 seconds?! This is an outrage.


Where were you when Chase were being hounded for taking 30 seconds! :laughing:

In case folks missed it, because given the nature of replies it seems like they have, I’ve not posted this as a complaint, or to report it as an issue, or to moan (though it would be fair to do so as it deviates from the expected experience); more out of inquisitiveness than anything and I thought that was clear in my post, and is also why it’s in Monzo chat rather than feedback or bug.

Compared to instant though, 30 seconds can be a significant downgrade! Things being instant has spoiled me (this sort of causation is why I’m against Monzo’s approach to paying folks early because: Oh dear that 8 hours of waiting must be excruciating) and it’s transformed the way I use banking, and I’ve grown to rely on it. There have been plenty of moments where a transfer not being instant would have been excruciating or awkward. Learned that the hard way with Marcus. There have also been plenty of instances where I’ve missed out on cashback from Chase because my total spend totalled more than I expected and there was no time to wait those extra 30 seconds for money to move across from Monzo, so I had to pay with Monzo. I know I’m spoilt here, but yes it can be excruciating in some moments, and it makes them inferior to a lot of other banks. But I digress; as I said in my first post, it’s not a big deal; I wanted to know if it was normal so I’d know I’d need to work around it.

May be the notification then! Transfer was made at 17:05, received at 17:05, notification at 17:07. I’m not one for opening the app much, I don’t even tap on my notifications! So just assumed it was the payment. In any case, I’ve reinstalled the app as suggested above! :blush:


Fingers crossed it speeds up for you, though don’t believe it’s any issue Monzo side :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Couldn’t boil the water in that time, let alone let it brew for a proper cup of tea :rofl:

What is the bank you’re sending to? Have you contacted them to see if there is any hold up?

Fine for me still.

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