Receiving incoming Faster Payments without disclosing name


How do I change the beneficiary name, so when payments go to my account people don’t get my full name?

Is there a way to stay anonymous and still have funds transferred into my account :hugs:

I don’t believe you need to give your actual name to someone.

Anyone can transfer you money with just an account number and a sort code (although this is subject to change next year with new regulations).

BUT on their bank statement they get my name.

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This will change at some point though, in a (futile) attempt to reduce “push fraud” where scammers pretend to be a bank and convince you of wiring them all your money.

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For outgoing payments there is no built-in feature to hide your name. You could use crypto currencies for that.

Do they? I believe they get the name of whatever they have put in.

Which could be absolutely anything.

You could send me your account number and sort code, and when I go to pay you (and it asks for a name), I could put “Tom Blomfield” and it would still reach you.

(Ignore this as it applies to outgoing payments - I misread the question)

Nope, Monzo (and I believe other banks too) set the full account holder’s name (which in Monzo’s case might be different from your display name) on outgoing Faster Payments.

(I believe he is talking about outgoing payments having his name attached - you are absolutely right that incoming payments don’t check names at present, although this is subject to change at some point too).

Isn’t this all about receiving money though?

Edit - I read the question as…

“How can I be paid, but not tell the person paying me, my full name”?

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BUT on their bank statement they get my name

I assumed this meant outgoing payments which is what threw me off, but re-reading the entire post you are right. My bad!


It would be really nice to be able to remove my middle names (that I regret not changing when I changed my first name in a futile attempt to keep family happy)…


I believe that you can do that if you contact support. Similar to changing Samuel to Sam :slight_smile:

I’ve done the latter quickly and easily.


Back on topic though, anonymising your name would in my opinion be unethical and open the gates to abuse/ illegal activity.

If you’re moving money around it needs to connected to a name or organisation to easily trace it should there be any issues. It also keeps records for both the sender and recipient clean and easy to understand.

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anonymising your name would in my opinion be unethical and open the gates to abuse/ illegal activity.

Someone needs to have a record of the transaction, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient/sender should be the one. There are legitimate cases where you don’t necessarily want someone to know your name. I buy a coffee every day; not attempting to launder money or anything, but I still don’t want them to know my name. If any issues arise there are proper escalation channels where they can find out the identity of both parties if needed.


1 I’m female…

2 it’s not moving funds around, it’s receiving payments for pictures/clips (of my feet :thinking:) and I’d like it if they did not get my name…

PayPal can do this, but it’s at a high cost (value)

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I can definitely see the reason but I’m not sure bank transfers are ideal since it’s still person to person. I would suggest accepting cards (not PayPal tho). Yes there would be a cost but doing business has costs.

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If I send the OP some money I wouldn’t want my bank statement to say:

SENT: RLSOK3932023kkskIiidkd £200

Otherwise I wouldnt have a clue what it was for.

Not sure what your gender had to do with this :rofl: but it sounds like you want a business account not a personal account :slight_smile:


Aren’t there specific sites where you can sell this kind of content and the website processes the payment on your behalf, so you just get a payout every month or so without disclosing your identity to the actual customers? Sure, they take some fees but I’d say it’s more than worth it especially considering some customers may be more than shady (and where I personally wouldn’t be comfortable sharing a sort code & account number even without a name attached).

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I’m pretty sure that by default middle names are not sent on outbound bank transfers. If this isn’t the case please feel free to ping me a message so I can investigate.


I was referred to as “he” more than once, that is why…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

To be fair processing cards for this kind of content is very very hard. Stripe for example will kick you out in no time.

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