Monzo not checking payee on transfers anymore?

I have noticed that Monzo is no longer checking payee details on transfers.
When I first signed up for Monzo 5 years ago I really liked a couple of transfer features, first it would show the payee bank logo whenever I put their sort code, and secondly it would double check the name of payee against what I have written and provide me with a dialogue asking me whether it is the same person or not.

Now all of this has been removed and it’s not just about cool features being removed, it’s just less safe to transfer money this way.

By the way, I have tried transferring from another bank app and they still do name checks as Monzo used to.
So why has this been removed?

It hasn’t been removed, it’s law now.

If you try to pay Billy Jones and type it as Bill Jones, it might not show you as wrong, there is a part of it that accepts for close enough but if you tried to pay William Jones, then it would show an error.

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As above, it still works, but only if there is an issue will it show you another screen.

Surprised me yesterday as hadn’t sent to a new payee from monzo in a while, revolut always shows name is correct.

I think a payment confirmation screen which shows the entered info and actual info with ticks/crosses by each should always be shown just for peace of mind.

Agreed, but it’s not something monzo provide, not sure they ever have:

They used to provide hence I am surprised why it was removed. And also other banks still provide it such as Revolut. If something works well and provides some piece of mind for users then why remove it?

It hasn’t been removed.


Well, the dialogue that clearly confirms the payee full name in records and cross match to what I have written has been removed.
Also bank logo based on sort code has been removed. Was a little nice thing that helps confirming.

I may be completely off but just thinking out loud. Would Monzo showing me personal identifiable information I did not know about not a privacy issue? Would it be GDPR/Data protection compliant?

I could have account details without knowing who the account holder is (or I could guess or brute force these numbers), if I then type them into a Monzo transfer with a random name and Monzo displays the correct name, would that not be unauthorised disclosure of personal data? Would that not be a data breach?

No, because it only tells you the info if you’re close

Bill Jones = did you mean Billy Jones?

Taylor Swift = This does not match

You can’t keep trying account numbers until you find someone you’re looking for


I get that, was responding to a message that said the info should be displayed anyway with a tick or an X as feedback. In that case it would be a data breach?

Re-read what I said.

It would be “:heavy_check_mark: Billy Jones” vs “X - No Match” and not “X - This person is called Dave Smith”

I think you’ve missed the post he’s replying to. Somebody suggested it should tell you who the account belongs to whether you’re wrong or right and he’s saying no it shouldn’t because of privacy/security concerns. They’re talking hypotheticals while you’re talking actuals?

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That was me. If there are rules about when it shows you the actual information then obviously those have to still be followed. But it could still show you a X saying name doesn’t match.

Thanks, I’m on mobile and couldn’t handle the jumping around and copying names into the right places in my post :sweat_smile:

Think it’s you that needs to re-read what I said!