Incoming Payments Delay?

Already raised a in app chat @ 10am we normally get a payment every Wednesday for HMRC for child tax credits currently that is not showing up, going to call HRMC at about 1pm, as we haven’t requested a bank account change so just wondering if anyone else has noticed this for tomorrow?

Do you usually get an in-app banner for this particular payment ?

Yep every week today nothing but is showing all transactions we have that go in to pots tomorrow

Also using 2 phones as wife’s is non TestFlight mine is latest TF version and have a joint account do no new navigation

There’s nothing showing on

Monzo apparently have no issues, but request being passed onto a member of the team to investigate and get in touch ASAP

HMRC also stating on automated system date for payment tomorrow on hold with them to make sure bank details not been changed somehow or something else going on.

Deffo issue with Monzo, confirmed bank details with HMRC and payment going in tomorrow, so the “Tomorrow” banner for incoming payments not working for me but outgoing to pots is :wink:

I’m having same problem, hope its just a glitch monzo end.

My tax credits has just appeared in my feed for tomorrow. Was getting worried

My direct debits for tomorrow just appeared this now as well. Assume that there were delays somewhere in the BACS cycle.

None that I’m aware of!

Note that Bacs files are delivered to us at some point in a time window and then processed, it’s not guaranteed to appear at one particular time (Bacs in general works on timescales of whole business days, rather than particular times). The first two business days of the month are also usually a lot busier than others. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is very true. Just not seen a delay that long in a considerable amount of time. Apologies for assuming it was on your side.

Mine showed uo around 2pm also