Incoming money declined?

I withdrew some pennies from a gambling site, specifically betvictor.

This appears to have been declined by Monzo. Wouldn’t be too bad but across 2 transactions it totals £1400

Not sure why what is effectively a deposit into Monzo would/could be declined.

Where are you seeing the declined message? I assume it’s on Betvictors website?

If that’s the case I think speaking to Betvictor is your best bet in understanding what has gone wrong and why.

They can likely provide some more information on what the ‘declined’ message means in this instance because I’ve never heard of a bank have this error when depositing money :confused:

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The decline message was on Monzo.

Betvictor said successful.

Bet victor are going to try and send it via bacs. I think it got caught up in all these sanctions relating to Ukraine with payments being manually reviewed.

Monzo said Mastercard declined it while it was in transit :confused:

Not sure who betvictor bank with but could be something relating to that.

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Seems like you’re on track with getting it sorted. I would be interested in hearing what the outcome is, so be sure to come back and update us all :slight_smile: