Unexpected Refunds

Hey everyone, this is a bit random and I’ve not contacted the vendors to find out why. Just wanted to find out if this has been happening to others. So yesterday on my starling account dominos pizza reversed a charge from last week on a pizza I bought… the money I spent just popped back in my account… THEN… this morning I received a refund for a meal I bought out on Sunday last week onto my Monzo account.

Has anyone else received this, if not then any ideas why this is happening!?

Hey Alf

Check the help section in app there is an update on this;



This makes a lot more sense! Thanks so much for the help. :smile:

Anyone knows who is that third-party that can’t even get basic card payments right? I say name and shame the legacy rust!


Well Amex payments go through Lloyds so I presume it’s them. But not naming and shaming as we don’t know the circumstances

Hmmm sure it’s Lloyds? My barclaycard credit card bill got refunded as well. Pretty sure it’s Barclays :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh, so this is why I got a refund randomly from Pret…

So in a few days they’ll take it back?


Could also be a few weeks. Or months. Or who knows…

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I don’t actually understand how this happened - did that particular acquirer loose a bunch of data related to those transactions, thus not presenting them in the expected time? In that case I hope their backup strategy actually works.

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How in this day and age of banking has this happened?

Seems a little odd to me. Haven’t had anything like that previously.

Better keep that £4.55 in my account :joy:

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It happens from time to time. Happened to me before as well. (interestingly also at pret)

One such story made the news around Christmas:

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:roll_eyes: Hopefully we haven’t got to wait 3 months for it to be taken again lol

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Ah explains my American Express refund this morning.

Is there any protections here, specifically for those who might not realise there was a refund, see their balance is £x and spend £y only to be charged fees when the payment goes out again?

I only know I got this refund because Monzo alerts me in real time. My parents would have zero idea given they still bank at the actual bank once a week!

No. Reminds me of this discussion:


It seems a little unfair really. If a transaction goes through and debited only to be credited it should be the responsibility of the merchant to work with you to get their money in a way that doesn’t detriment you.

In this case it’s not much at all. But there hasn’t been any news on this whatsoever. The only people I know who have been affected have been on Monzo (American Express, Waitrose and Pret)

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Yeah, I guess I would agree with you. I fully see that it’s my responsibility to ensure I don’t double spend money, but I also agree its still a bit unfair…

Yes but you’re only double spending because your balance is inflated out of your control. Especially in a legacy bank where you might not know anything other than your balance.

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But it is not. It is purely the initial presentment reserving the funds, it is not debited until the final instruction is received. This is just a problem with the way fintechs choose to display it in your transaction feed.


Sorry but in commonly accepted terms, as a regular normal customer of a bank, when I go to Pret and 99p is debited from my account, it is reasonable to assume that this has left your account and your debt with Pret is settled.

Technically yes background systems work differently, but a lot of rules and legislation is governed on what is commonly accepted or thought to have occur. In this instance I would say it’s incombant on either the bank to not return the funds (or tell you, and provide the option of ringfencing that fund if possible) or for the merchant to say “sorry, we will take this on this date” so as not to cause any financial issues.

But that’s not how it works legally either. Have you ever read what it says on those receipts? “I authorise you to take the funds from my account at some unspecified time in the future.” I’m obviously paraphrasing, but that’s what’s happening. From a legal perspective its pretty clear.

As I said, it still somewhat unfair to me that the merchant can take months to actually take the funds, but that’s the system we have…