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Recently I needed to contact Monzo due to buying an item from a website which unfortunately was a scam website. Luckily it was only £20 I spent but I can imagine other people have spent a lot more. (This website is actually listed as a Google Ad, and still is )
Anyway that was the reason for me to contact Monzo, but as part of the “chargeback” procedure it is a requirement you wait 14 days in order to give the retailer time to refund you. I’m fine with that, altho I know I won’t hear anything from this “company”.
Obviously as Monzo is internet based it’s not a case of just picking the phone up & calling them (like the usual high street banks) you basically use the online chat facility, which is fine. The CS guys have been quick to respond & very helpful after I provided all the necessary info & sending proofs of me requesting a refund.
I need to get back to them after the 14 days but I notice within my live chat no dates are attached to conversations ? Just the actual time?
Is there a way to see the actual date & time of the actual chats, or am I missing something hidden here? Thanks in advance


The date and time should be under each message. At least on iOS. Not sure if it’s different on Android.

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Sorry to hear about your scam. These things happen, I guess. I don’t know the answer to your query, but you can call Monzo. The number’s on the back of your card. Obviously it’s better to have some record of your conversations, so you can email too. :+1:

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Thank you I didn’t realise about the telephone number, helpful to know :+1:
I’ve actually reinstalled the app & now the date & time appears army the start of each conversation, so obviously a glitch on my phone me thinks.
Thanks guys, one thing is for sure I’ll be researching websites promoted by a Google Ads in future before I buy. I guess I assumed (wrongly) any website who advertises via Google are legitimate. Unfortunately I checked after ordering & they are well known as a scam on review websites. Anyway thanks again :blush:


Nope anyone can use google adwords and buy space never assume it’s legit just because it’s paid for!

US ESTA used to be really bad for fake sites which charged a fortune to do something you can do yourself and they all used to pay for ad space to get above the official site. That one got clamped down on a couple of years ago