Money charged to Monzo account, no cash appeared

Just used my card to take some money out in Malawi with National Bank. As I was waiting for the cash I heard the Monzo app chink in my pocket. The ATM screen still displayed ‘processing transaction’, then ‘this transaction cannot be completed’. I checked the app and I had been charged but no cash has appeared. I needed cash to pay a restaurant bill, so I tried a smaller amount. This worked.
How do I get the initial amount refunded?

In app chat with the Monzo team is the best way to ask that question.


Contact Monzo Customer Operations as only staff can help you not other customers on this public forum.

Thanks. Actually you have helped as I didn’t know that there was in app chat. I’ll have to search and find it.

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It’s in the hamburger menu on the right, under “Help”. if you scroll right to the bottom there is a yellow button with “I still need help” - that will get you into chat.

Alternatively call: 08008021456

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Menus may differ between Android and Apple.

If calling from Malawi try +44 20 3322 4650

In almost all cases, you will be refunded automatically either within a few hours or after 7 days, depending on the failure.

If you are not automatically refunded after 7 days, please let us know by in-app chat and we can file a chargeback against the ATM operator for a non-dispense. :x: :pound:

I know it’s frustrating, however chargebacks are one of the things that are incredibly slow and we are unable to raise one until we have given the ATM operator a chance to reconcile their charges and cash dispenses. :pray:

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Thanks all.
Found the in-app chat and got the same answer as here. Hopefully having it on this public forum will help put others’ mInds at rest.

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Interesting. I had one in the US and phoned my legacy bank (was u18 then so no Monzo :frowning: ) and they raised a chargeback 2 hours after the non-dispensure. Is there some kind of standard for this?

Many banks and card issuers can credit in advanced and then either file the chargeback later or otherwise not let the automatic reversal come back to you (as you’ve already been credited).

For a variety of not so fun reasons, this isn’t something we can do on the prepaid cards. It’s one of the policies to review as the current account rolls out to everybody.