In-App Chat Unavailable - 2/7/18

Hey everyone :wave:

We are currently experiencing issues with in-app support.

We know what the problem is, and we’re working on fixing it. But you won’t be able to reach us through the in-app chat for the time being.

For urgent issues, please call us on 0800 802 1281, +44 20 3872 0620 (abroad), or use one of our social media channels.

Thanks for bearing with us.


Is it specific to Monzo or Intercom in general?

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We’re back online :muscle:

In-app chat is working as normal again. We might be slow at responding to your questions while we catch up.

Thanks for bearing with us!

It was specific to us.


They use intercom?

In the 2018 report:

The bank now runs entirely on technology we’ve built from scratch ourselves. As well as letting us respond quickly to changing customer demands, it also costs us less.

Monzo still uses Intercom. There was a plan to bring that in-house but they scrapped it for now.