Intercom issues

(Simon Turp) #1

Does anyone know if Intercom are having issues this morning?

Having problems seeing my Monzo conversations and on a few other apps using intercom too.

(Simon Turp) #2

confirmed there was scheduled maintenance and then a brief outage.

(Peter Roberts) #3

Ah good to know it wasn’t just me. I was a bit concerned since I didn’t see anything on the the Monzo status page(s)

(Simon Turp) #4

Intercom were quite quick to resolve it though but it did confuse me at first!

(Brandon Billingham) #5

If intercom goes offline, does this mean Monzo Customer Service does as well?

(Simon Turp) #6

Whilst intercom was down I couldn’t access Monzo customer support or support on other apps that use intercom

(Brandon Billingham) #7

Bit of an issue, an element of the stack that Monzo cannot control. @simonb any thoughts on this?

(Simon B) #8

Sure - Intercom isn’t a long term solution for us :blush:

A lot of our operations tools are already done on our own custom platform. We hope to move everything to that platform over the next year or so.

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(Jolin) #9

So great to have confirmation that Intercom is going to be replaced! It is by far the weakest part of the Monzo app, I really don’t like it. :wink: