Improving Internal Merchant Tooling

(Kieran McHugh) #1

Hey all!

I’m on a bit of a mission to improve our internal merchant tooling in monzo time.

I got together a good prototype and shared it with a few people for feedback…

The problem with this was the information density was too low. It wasn’t making efficient use of the screen space available. For internal tools, we normally prefer a slightly higher information density.

So I’ve set about on another approach…

Progress is fairly slow, but I’ll document things here as I go along!

What do you think?

PS. I considered Backend Engineer Tries React, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next as the title for this post, but I didn’t want to get flagged for clickbait :wink:

Merchant Data Correction Delays
(James) #2

Can’t wait to see what you folks do with the merchant enrichment in the future, I know not everybody really cares for it (especially since you don’t find it in legacy worlds) but I think it adds a lot to the whole experience.

Would love to know more about how you determine where to draw the line in terms of what is a new merchant, and what’s part of a different group. For example I know it’s quite contested at the moment (in that it changes month on month) where sometimes VOXI is merged with Vodafone and sometimes it’s separate. How do you document this and ensure all the Ops teams are following these practices?

What is the overall goal here really? Is it to make it easier to manage? More stable (doesn’t “break” as often)? etc

(James Murray-Ferris) #3

It looks good however it still looks very empty if you like high density information. Personally I would have expected underneath the basic “Merchants in this group” the list of rules for how merchants are placed into the group and maybe even be able to add a rule to that flow etc.

I’d love to see the Branding and social tab to see how you are handling the feedback. Are you turning it into a simple :ballot_box_with_check: to approve an update with a quick comments box for the edit history tab?

Edit: also while looking again I think you could do with some sort of data analaysis tab or even maybe shrink the map into half and have an analytics section under it for things such as total spent with merchant, which category users have placed it in rather than the default category as displayed, maybe how many transaction reversals there have been for use in fraud cases?

2nd Edit: You could do with a preview of how a transaction from this merchant would look in App so you know what your end users will see when editing this information as I see in the API you send out things like Website address, suggested tags and you don’t appear to be able to see any of that on here :man_shrugging:

(Lewis King) #4

Have you got an internal CSS/Pattern library? Would love to see that publicly, you know, for #transparency and all that :wink:

(Kieran McHugh) #5

Good question. There are a number of priorities but the immediate goals are…

  • Improve visibility into our data and its overall health
  • Reduce the number of duplicate merchant groups (e.g. multiple Starbucks should be merged)

The reason it looks blank right now is because it’s unfinished :slight_smile:

Feedback will be processed by a different tool used by COps and asssistants. The purpose of this tool will be to visualise the information and make larger mass edits.

This would be pretty cool. We did this at my previous employer Skyscanner (link here). Right now we aren’t investing a huge amount of time in this, as we don’t really have much of a public-facing web presence. Also, I think internal tools have inherently different requirements to our public-facing sites, so necessarily the design will be different.

(Antoine A.) #6

Users needs:

  • to be able to convert physical merchants into online merchants, and the other way around.
  • to see what’s the status of their feedback, if it’s accepted, pending or not
  • know source of merchants (4square, google, fb, monzo, etc)

(Joe) #7

Is stuff like Merchant Groups able to help Monzo decide what to do with certain branches? For example so every Tesco appears the same on the app, but I can eventually do things like “what did i spend at this specific tesco” or “what did i spend at tesco in general?”

(Lewis King) #8

Yeah I’m a big fan of the Skyscanner stuff! Especially important to have something like that if you have a big web presence and a varied team! Understand it’s not a priority for you at the moment though!