Merchant Data Corrections

(Rachel Raybould) #798

:speak_no_evil: send me in rmf and do it off shift quickly :hot_coral_heart:

(Tom) #799

Thanks Rachel! :smiley: :star2:

(Harry Cross) #800

Got an odd one for you @RachelRaybould :slight_smile:
Transactions at the largest chain of petrol stations in Ljubljana show as Bs Ljubljana I-v when the real name is just PETROL and the best logo I can find is:

Not sure how you want me to submit this in app, I can’t seem to specify the right name.

(Rachel Raybould) #801

Give me till Monday and I will sort this out!

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #802

Looks like Go Fund Me is still not being enriched properly :slightly_frowning_face:

I also noticed that Hulu has a similar problem… The number in the merchant ID changes every time they charge.

I’ve had to submit Hulu for correction every month. :pensive: I think they’ve changed their merchant name subtly

The part the -U HULU.COM now has no U…

(Alex Mayo) #803


Currently merchant updates are being done manually by the genius Monzonaut that is @RachelRaybould each time they are submitted.

There are currently no facilities to support merchants that change their merchant ID (I believe) however I have seen that @kieranmch is working on an updated merchant system.

Hopefully we will see some progress made in this area soon, but for now just keep firing your updates via the :monzo: app and the team will get it updated within a few days (usually quicker!)

(Rachel Raybould) #804

I have escalated this and will get back to you when I am at work on Monday.


(dragosM) #805

Issue: UberEats Icon and Category Issue

Details to reproduce: Order from UberEats
OS: iOS 12.1.1
Device: iPhone
App Version: 2.26.0 #489

**Description: As you can see from the screen shots below for what ever reason ordering on UberEats has gone from the correct Logo, Name and Category to a new Name Eats-khss6 and was originally in the Transport category but I moved it to the correct one.


((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #806

If you report this in this category:

@RachelRaybould will take care of it for you when she returns on Monday. She’s our hero who sorts out all these merchant data corrections :slight_smile:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #807

Same here, seems Uber has messed with things again

(Nathan Steer) #808

As well as Ordog’s suggestion, you should report these in app. If you tap the transaction, and scroll to the bottom, there should be an “Improve Name or Logo” option there.

(dragosM) #809

Hello :wave: @Ordog and @Nsteer

I have already reported it in the app :smile: but seeing that the Forum has a Bug Reports category and because in the app you cannot upload photos :man_shrugging: I said I should also send it here and add more information

(dragosM) #810

Hello :wave: @Ordog

Thank you for telling me where I should I reported this. I am still relatively new to the forum so I was unaware of where I should post it. I will make sure in the future I post it in the relevant location.

Can any community admin move this topic to the correct location and close this thread?

Thank you :wink:

(Nathan Steer) #811

Fair enough :blush:

Just a note that the in app system for these got updated recently, you’re correct that we still can’t upload an image, and the page only asks for a twitter handle. But you can put the company website, or a link to their facebook page in there and @RachelRaybould or one of the peeps that helps her will get the logo from whichever source you provide.

(Michael) #812

Likely related:

@Rika is aiming to fix Uber tomorrow. Maybe Uber Eats needs the same treatment

(Rachel Raybould) #813

I will sort this out monday! Can you send me a message please. @milotindragos

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #814

There are regex rules which determine which merchant group a merchant goes into, or at least that’s my understanding based on what Rika has said on Monzo Slack. I’m assuming that in the case of Hulu it’s matching based on the old format of their merchant name and no longer matches now that they’ve changed it.

(Charlie) #815

Yeah they do have this but it’s still not perfect because they have to be pretty kind of vague with the keywords to ensure it correctly edits when the transaction id changes but also does not change every merchant with the word “Hulu” in it :joy:

I’ve got something from eBay before from “Joker Cost” and it has called it Costa🤔

Speaking of which, @RachelRaybould what should be done for eBay purchases? Should it be marked as eBay or as the sellers name/company if they have one?

(Rachel Raybould) #816

This is a hard one.
I am still discussing it but I would rather put it under eBay as you can always go to eBay account to see who you have bought from.

(Nick) #817

Couple of things I’ve not had any luck with:

  • 1&1 Internet has rebranded to 1&1 IONOS (for some reason), but the change isn’t going through
  • Post Office still has incorrect Post Office Money logo
  • I haven’t been successful in getting any non-Twitter logos through yet… any tips? Is a Facebook page link okay, or should it be a direct link? Any minimum size?