Merchant enrichment to apply locally while being reviewed?

Hi guys,

So we all have the issue with merchant enrichment (Monzo don’t seem to have a dedicated person anymore which is having a delay on them)

I’ve suggested changes almost 3 weeks ago, reached out in app and still nothing.

So if Monzo aren’t going to be in any rush to approve and apply suggestions then why not have it so any suggestions a user makes, applies to them only while the suggestion is being approved?

This way, the user doesn’t get annoyed waiting for you to enrich it and when it is eventually approved, everyone will get the enrichment

Alternatively, Monzo could just have a weekend or something where they catch-up on the backlog of enrichment requests?

@monzo how many suggestions are pending right now?

This is a win-win.

This is why chat times are getting longer and they are trying to keep people away from it!

Because that would involve more code changes and work on something they are clearly not that worried about.


This leans into what was being hinted by the former staff members. Monzo know what the issue is and refuse to fix it

They should look to find a solution that removes the need for COps to approve altogether. How much COps time has been wasted over the last year accumulated doing these?

Small things over time add up.

A few solutions have been suggested before, generally it needs to become opensourced in some way where they should lean on the community that seems only too willing to step in and help here

  • Merchant data arguably doesn’t stop you from using your bank
  • Merchant data doesn’t make them any money.

Easy to see why it’s not high on the list of priorities. Yes it would be nice if the correct iTunes logo showed (for example), but I can think of far more important stuff that needs to be done.

  • Showing changes locally first will need lots of work.
  • Open sourcing an approval system needs a heck of a lot more work.

I can’t see either happening for a long time unfortunately :frowning:

Refuse is probably a bit strong.

Does it warrant time and resources spending on something that doesn’t break anything, has no real impact on anything and is correct in 99% of transactions?


Technically the app as it is doesnt break anything does that mean things shouldnt be improved where possible?

I personally dont think its as high as 99% correct, i have currently 4 within the last 2 weeks that need fixed in some way or another.

It could/might have an impact. I wonder over the last few years how many people have contacted support over false merchant data, it would be interesting to know. In this new lean chat approach also they should be trying to trim the fat as much as possible and make things automated where they can be.

The queue for improvements we have no idea how it works, is it FIFO? is that why some continually be ignored i dont know but the current system is obviously a bit outdated now.

Could be argued that something like this which could have an impact on chat queues should take a higher priority over things like dark mode.

I know @kieranmch even at one point had a little solo project to try and improve this but as priorities shifted it was also kerbed unfortunately.


You’re right in that I’m sure people have contacted support because the merchant is completely wrong. I’ve had that twice, both for Jack Wills, in different places. Once it said it was Dr Martens and the other it said it was Schuh. I blame Mike Ashley for that though!

But I think there’s levels of “wrong”. The above is something that does need fixing as it would cause confusion for people, but when people are complaining that an Amazon icon changes or Morrisons is using the fuel logo or one from 5 years ago, then they have far more important things to worry about.

Out of interest, what are your 4 that are wrong?

2 are simple ones which dont currently have a logo and id like to give them one.
1 is for name and logo ( name has random numbers and it and no logo yet currently)
1 is for an address, name and logo. (Assuming with this one its an old cafe thats moved and rebranded but kept old card machines or something)

Agree with this 100% and whilst im saying the above arent important on the grand scheme of things im sure there are still some people who would contact in app chat about them as there is nothing to stop them if they are frustrated and not seeing these improvements picked up. As monzo’s userbase grows the potential number of people doing this will grow too.

Still needs someway of removing these complaints, cant really turn around and say ahh you should just be happy we give you the correct information x% of the time. You all should be greatful!

If its worth doing its worth doing right.


I feel like if you have a feature in your app then it should be as good as it can be. Not going to care but it and maintain it? Remove the feature


Given the dynamic nature of this data and the amount of merchants, there is no reasonable way to manually manage this in any effective fashion.

The best way to manage this is to crowdsource the information, with automatic updates based on number of similar corrections for the same merchant and user trust level. Manual intervention can be used as appropriate such as to lock merchant changes and prevent malicious changes, but this involves much less work then manually making the changes every time.


It may not directly make money for Monzo, but this issue is a sizable part of why I finally moved away from Monzo.

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Sorry you felt like that, I can see how annoying merchant data mistakes are. It just looks messy.

For me, the fact that it is correct most of the time is one of the reasons I’m still with Monzo. I’d leave if they got rid of logos altogether.

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You changed bank accounts because a few logos aren’t 100% accurate?