Split joint account spending in Trends

We split the spending from the joint account 50/50 with my partner. So I would like to account for that in the Trends reports and divide these payments by 2.

But you have double the money in, so there’s no need to split? And what about people that don’t split evenly?

However you split things, that account is spending that money. Splitting it makes it less accurate and a lot more complex.

I’m confused by this because it’s already split :no_mouth: as it’s a joint account you’re both paying.

Let me give an example.
For example, together with my partner we’ve spent 1000 pounds on rent from our joint account. I’ve also bought a laptop for 1000 pounds from my personal account. Trends will show £2000 of total spending, 50% on bills and 50% on shopping.
However, my real personal spending is £1500, 33% on bills and 66% on shopping, since only half of the £1000 for rent is from my money.
If I could set my share of the joint account in percents (50% in our case), I could get correct results.

In terms of the accounts you are using, this isn’t technically correct. You have in fact spent £1000 using funds from a Personal account and £1000 using funds from a Joint account, where another party also has control of it.

If you are seeing a Joint account as something you both have to contribute equally too, maybe a Joint account isn’t the right way forward. You can split Personal account transactions so maybe you both need to continue using only Personal accounts and agree who pays for what and splitting as required.