Can you have Personal AND Joint Trends?

As the Budgeting part of Monzo appears to be getting more and more glitchy, I’m moving over to Trends which I’m getting used to.

The only thing I can’t seem to do is have separate Trends for my Personal and Joint accounts. I can lump it together, but that just doesn’t make sense to me when budgeting my spend vs the joint spend. Yes, I may have £100 left, but is that mine or the Joint account?

Any advice on this?


You’d have to change the accounts visible in the Trends tab to view one another.

Yes, but that doesn’t change the spending targets depending on the account. It keeps the same settings regardless of you viewing Joint, Personal or both.

You can ‘quickly’ see just the Joint account or just the Personal account Balance and Spending data by selecting the drop down to the right of the account at the top left when in Balance or Spending views and selecting the required filter:

but you can’t quickly do this with the Target view. You have to edit the target and set the required parameters for the account you want to see, which can take a while. Then to go back, you’d need to reverse the changes made to the target parameters. The ability to save Target views and be able to recall them later would be great here - but it doesn’t exist.

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