When searching, unable to use the actual cost of payments as a search term

Whilst you can type search by pot names or shop/payment names (or address, etc), I cannot search by payment cost. seems odd

I made a payment for something a month or so back but the payment was via a different name due to their web portal. I just knew the cost was £360 however I could not quickly search 360 to find it.

Is it possible to have the ability to search by payments?

Are you on Android?

I know there’s a search disparity between them, I have it on iOS.


Ah, should have said. Android yes.

It’s a known parity issue between the two operating systems. Us Android people don’t have any of the search parameters that iOS has :pensive:

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Download statement for last three months. I tested on PDF

Now search for your 360.

Should find it. My test found mine.

Good hunting.

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I have already found the payment before creating this thread, I’m referring to using the search icon within the app. seems like this works for iOS but not android.

Why would I want to waste time with having to download a PDF/open a Google sheet. True it’s not a big deal as I have only needed it this once since moving my banking to Monzo Plus. But still it’s the small things… all my other banking apps can search by transaction amount from within their apps.


You could vote for this feature in the earlier topic:

It’s a way down the list though, with 15 (now 16, coz I just voted) votes - and there’s no guarantee a requested feature will be implemented.

I’m on Android and would also like to see search parity :parrot: between the 2 platforms.


Because you want to search for a specific amount, and this is a way to do it. The alternative is to wait for Monzo to add the functionality to the app.