Just wanted to reopen the search question. Two features I think would be extremely valuable:

  • Search by amount. Seems incredible this isn’t already in. I wanted to check a particular receipt and had to scroll through instead of searching through the amount (couldn’t tell what merchant it was from)
  • doing a quick sum of the search results. Searching Tesco adds up your Tesco spending. Similarly if you use a note to make certain transactions easy to find summing those would be handy.

Anyone got any other ideas?



Are you on Android by any chance?

One thing I noticed when I made the move over to Android is that the search functionality is pretty basic in comparison to iOS. I’ve not seen any mention of this being brought in line either, nor is it on the roadmap :disappointed:


I think it would be useful to add a couple of filters for searching transaction amounts. For example a range of values (eg up to £10) and within a set date range or some preset values (eg this week, this month). I know we can do this also by exporting transactions but doing it in-app on the fly can be useful too!

Maybe I’m a bit of a geek but I like lots of ways to chop and change my data. :grin:

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I agree it would be nice to have a search/filter function in the spending section of the app to be able to quickly find and review specific transactions. It could have a search bar to type keywords and a filter to narrow the time frame :slight_smile:

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I am on Android, which perhaps goes some way to explaining it. I know Monzo
is something of a Hipster brand, but not bringing fairly straightforward
features like this to both platforms seems like bad business sense. I’m
only realising now that we’re missing many features, including the graph
which shows how your spending is going. Seems insane to not have that on
android given than the logic must have all been worked out.

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I want to keep this alive by suggesting that the way I used to search for transactions on my Natwest account was preferable and offered an ideal experience. Having been with Santander and Lloyds as well, their search options were lacking in key options. The RBS group seem to have it down. Monzo need to be adding similar search functionality in, at this point it’s starting to feel like they’re trying to reinvent the wheel with some features.

How do NatWest do it? Never used them so I don’t know

Could you share some more details about what functionality they have & (more importantly), how you used it?

Proviso: I’m thinking of the way they’ve put together search on the internet banking web pages. Before I show that, I’ll describe the app search. It’s basically a free text search box that sits at the top of the transactions page and filters as you type. They have also got a little calendar symbol next to the search magnifying glass so you can search a date range with a start date.

The web search features A selection of popular time periods in a drop down, an amount box, a description box and very importantly, a transaction type drop down. You can search using a combination of these which makes it very powerful. I’ve used it before to track down payments I’ve made to and received from friends and family, specific direct debits, money I’ve paid in etc. It’s the best transaction search facility I’ve used with any bank.

I don’t know if this can translate into an app given that Natwest themselves only have a more basic search facility on their own app, but I see it as the gold standard of transaction search.NWOLB1NWOLB2NWOLB3

Nationwide have a similar search function, though the interface is better than that, and it allows you to select an arbitrary combination of transaction types instead of all or one.

Saying that, I think Monzo’s search feature (on iOS) is well designed for an app where this kind of web interface is impractical. And the ability to quickly filter by a specific merchant on Monzo is actually more useful to me than the transaction type. As well as the fact that by default, Monzo searches your entire transaction history, whereas online banks usually only show the last month and you have to manually lengthen the time period.

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Having looked at the Monzo search again, I’d say the only thing missing I’d like in those filters at the top is one for payment type so you could bring up just direct debits or payments in, payments out, debit card transactions, cash withdrawals etc. Then it would be as spot on as you could get I reckon.

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I think the other big gap in the search is the inability to specify a custom date range. I almost never find the date ranges offered useful. :disappointed:

Is anyone from Monzo able to shed light on when Android Search will come to parity with iOS?


Any update on this please? I noticed it wasn’t mentioned much in this thread:Feature parity between iPhone and Android

:monzo: commented on it in another thread -

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I would have to say the search function is one of the weakest areas of Monzo. Also I think it needs a day to day spend summery without have to scroll across the graph at the top. It’s not very clear or precise.